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Armenia rent a car

Armenia is the most attractive country for tourist due to its ancient history, traditions, cognac making technology and beautiful nature.

Armenia is the only country adopted Christianity in 301 century. Huge amount of travelers have visited this country and seen the ancient Christian monuments, registered as UNESCO heritage, got acquaintance with cognac producing technology, known worldwide and pleased with the oldest cultural monuments/sites.

Armenia is stand out for its cuisine, delicious dishes and variety of choice. The folklore as well- songs and dances- takes a special place in the world culture.

County’s capital Yerevan with international airport “Zvartnots”. A lot of flights land daily in the airport due to tourist’s generous amount. The city is visited also by private travel amateurs, prefer to make hotel booking themselves, get cars for rent and travel through the country.

International car rent company “Naniko” is one of the leading in Yerevan in transport service sphere. Service level, fleet, low prices and flexible marketing no doubt raise the company to the top positions and the most important factor of company’s success is satisfied clients amount.

Company “Naniko” has a huge working experience in Yerevan and not only there. Company is popular all over the Caucasus region. Thanks to its conception, application of new technology and special marketing.

The main concept is to provide high quality for the low price. When you get the car you receive not only the vehicle, but the quantity which must be the guarantor of your comfort transportation! During the whole period of your journey the company’s staff, already passed the training and will offer you professional assistance and care of you, your safety and any possible requests.

Any of tourists could get the car for rent in the office of company “Naniko”, which located in the city’s center or get the car straight in the airport upon arriving to the city. Company’s all vehicles have insurance police, passed technical inspection and periodically dry cleaners. So you got checked and clean auto. The service will provide company “Naniko’s” English and Russian speaking agents, and will give you comprehensive answer to any of your question. Besides the operator, working 7/7 and 24/24 will answer your phone calls and provide any service to you in case any problem arising to keep the level of quantity and customers service for your complete satisfaction.

Company “Naniko” has any additional required accessories for service improvement: GPS navigator, with periodically updated maps/routes, child car seat, additional roof baskets, vehicle fasteners for bikes and skis.

Travel by company “Naniko” -’s assistance you could cross the Armenian-Georgian border and get acquainted one more Caucasian country. Then you could leave the car in Tbilisi, Batumi or Kutaisi Company’s offices for surcharge and personal convenience.

Travel through Armenia, get the car for rent and get pleasure from beautiful and different parts of Caucasus.

Car rental in Yerevan
Car rental in Yerevan airport

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