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Luxembourg – the only remained Grand Duchy in the world

The world is really full of amazing places that at least once in life must see everyone. Many of them are well known and popular, but it is often true gems might be lurking in the less popularized routes, to which can be attributed a microscopic state in Europe Luxemburg.
Probably not a lot of countries in Europe can boast such a proud and refined people as Luxembourg, which as a white-haired old man, elegant and quiet, is surrounded by its powerful and well-known neighbors, Belgium, France and Germany, and proudly holds and retains its independent spirit . The history of this country may surprise you for its diverse events, since for many centuries the country was at the center of major European issues.
Luxembourg is inhabited by a little more than half a million of people and the state officially known as the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, which is the only surviving principality in the world. Its foundation dates back to the tenth century. The population is trilingual and they speak French, German and Luxembourg language, which is a dialect of German origin. The culture of the country is a symbiosis of romantic Europe and the German Europe. The capital Luxembourg is a place with the typical medieval views, but it is also clearly felt the international atmosphere that is associated with the presence of various international organizations.

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The Principality has a fairly small sizes: 82 km of length and 57 km of width, the capital of Luxembourg welcomes and enchants its visitors at first sight. Here you can see the pictures, which seems to come up from the country’s past, from the turbulent history of dynasties, wars and victories, impressive to this day. Natural landscapes are created by open fertile valleys, on which extend the vineyards, hills crowned with medieval castles, which smoothly changing by the skyscrapers of the modern districts of the capital. So, it is not surprising that Luxembourg often called the capital of fairy tales!
An interesting place to visit in Luxembourg is Echternach, which is a small medieval town situated just a few kilometers from the capital. In this beautiful town you can visit the Abbey of Echternach and the Museum of History, and in May can take part in the festival of classical music.
The most important destination, attracting numerous tourists is the town of Vianden, which is a real model of a medieval town, situated amidst of lush green forests. With the cable car that runs directly from the city center can be reached the country’s largest fortified castle and enjoy the views from there. Meanwhile, the city of Grevenmacher known for its production of wines that you can taste in local wineries.

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