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Night and Jazz Clubs in Yerevan, Nightlife in Yerevan

Yerevan is a city where you can walk perfectly , there is a very active nightlife , many cafes and nightclubs. People of all ages having fun heart in Yerevan , the number of entertainment venues such as:

Elite Club Angel is simultaneously a restaurant , VIP – hall, cafe . On the wall a lot of pictures , straw furniture , Saturdays Latino evening free professional teaches wishing salsa dance ” ” , then you can cool evening .

Address: Nalbandian 20,  Tel.: +374 10 584343

Kami Club , which is located on Abovyan street , gives you the opportunity to feel glamorous atmosphere , where DJs picks for you great music to go to this club you have to pass control with fairies or have invitations, here is a great selection of spirits as well non-alcoholic cocktails and drinks, there are also presentations disks , different parties .
Address: 18 Abovyan Street, Tel.: +374 10 519020
Club 12 for people who cherish music . Pabotaet club 12 hours a day Cabaret Charlotte popular establishment in Yerevan, where are the actors , there is a ballet show , striptease , belly dance as well as a DJ , two bars , unforgettable special effects .
Address: 41 Abovyan Street, Tel.: +374 10 522350
Stop Club is the place where every minute would be the center of attention, a different style of music attracts tourists more and more , jazz, pop , blues, chanson , as well at the club often hosts exhibitions of various artists and photographers , as well gather gamers ” mafia ” .
Address: Moskovyanya 37, Tel.: +374 10 560780
Club Omega is located in the city center . Here, stylish design You can enjoy the songs popular Armenian stars and late in the evening to see erotic show .
Address: TERYAN 59,  Tel.: +374 10 582549
Club Malkhaz Levon Malkhasyan participated in various festivals throughout the Union . In 1971 , he won the best pianist in 1988 , he created an organization Jazz – Art , under this name a festival , where he arrived in 2000 Chick Corea . Malhasyan also educates young men and teaches jazz culture .2006 opened in Yerevan Jazz Club Malkhas , this place is very popular in Yerevan , there are always a lot of people , locals and tourists love this place , live music , jazz , warm atmosphere, just hormones this creates a unique oshuschenie .
Address: Pushkin Street 52/1, Tel.: +374 10 535350
Opera Club is a place with professional lighting and sound, there is always a dance music which gives you the opportunity to relax.
Address: Tumanyan street 54 , Tel.: +374 10 541222
Club – restaurant Float , a place where fashion is going public and it is centrally located on the waterfront, then a summer terrace , live music , karaoke, entertainment show, musical fountains , classy place for any audience.
Address: Podzelene debapkader, Tel.: +374 10 522303

That’s so much choice in Yerevan , where you can enjoy the nightlife.