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Terms and conditions by NANIKO in Armenia

Drivers’ qualifications

A vehicle can be hired by person with the age of minimum 23 years.  The driving experience should compute more than a single year. For hiring an automobile, the driver should present his driving license, passport and credit card. An International driving license is not obligatory if in the driving license is age inscribed in Latin letters except US and Canadian Citizens.

Drivers’ competence claims

The tenant should not allow other person to drive the rental car, except the matter that the person is registered as additional driver.

The hired vehicle cannot be driven by person, who

  • Is not certified in car rental contract as main or additional chauffeur.
  • Does not fit the conditions of Naniko car rental contract, or state law of Armenia.
  • Who is under narcotic, alcohol or any other psychedelic substance influence?


Naniko offers 2 sorts of insurance packages

The rental fee already includes Standard insurance package and with extra fee can be obtained extra and full insurance packages.

  1. Standard insurance (should be left deposit by amount of 190000 AMD)

Includes CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) which waves your risk under 190000 AMD in the event of any accident which caused unintentionally, TP (theft protection in case of loss of the car). The insurance is not capable of proof if the renter does not inform Naniko or insurance company about the accident or damage of the auto at the moment of accident.

  1. Full insurance waves the risk to minimum covering also glasses and tires. This insurance package can be obtained by 7000 AMD daily by maximum charge of 49000 AMD for whole rental period.

In contrast with standard insurance the sum of extra and full insurance is not refundable

The insurance is thought through valid if

  • the chauffeur is authorized in car rental contract
  • If the chauffeur was not under alcohol, narcotic or psychedelic substance influence
  • If there is the police and the security act
  • If Naniko rent a car staff and insurance were informed at the time of damage or accident

Damages, Accidents, Theft and Vandalism        

  1. A) The tenant must inform about any traffic accident (scratch, crash, theft of the automobile or its stolen components and/or some another accident) in which the Vehicle was involved.
  2. B) The tenant must report about any accident to three parties: the rental company, police and an insurance company. If the tenant fails to follow these instructions, then he/she is responsible for the 100% of damage.
  3. C) In the event of accident, robbery and/or vandalism, the rent holder should inform the police and the company. Later at presence of police they should fill all essential documentation. Upon returning the rental vehicle the renter has to introduce the copy of the protocol filled at the time of the accident. If there in not demonstrated the police protocol, then the renter becomes responsible for the 100% of damage.
  4. D) The rent-holder must keep the keys of rental automobile, documents, remote control and anti – theft system safely. In case of the vehicle being stolen, the rent-holder must return all these belongings to Naniko
  5. E) The Renter must closely cooperate with Naniko rent a Car, insurance agents to inquire the traffic accident/loss/vandalism.

Negligence of this clause will lead the Renter result in taking the full responsibility for the case both financially and legally.

  1. F) Whether there are some barriers such as bad conditions of weather, darkness, time and/or place of the Vehicle upon returning, dirtiness of the car, that results in making it incapable for the rental agents of Naniko to identify the loss of Vehicle’s parts and/or its damages, Naniko rent a car possesses the right to charge the renter for loss or damage after dropping off the car upon their discovery. According to the clause: “REGULATIONS FOR THE VEHICLE RETURN WARN”, Naniko rent a car holds the right to demand the compensation only in case the loss or damage is being identified not later than 48 hours after the delivery of vehicle by the Renter.

Parking and traffic rules

  1. The lessor takes the whole responsibility in case of traffic rule violations and any law infraction for the whole renting period from the moment of the signing the contract.
  2. In case of receiving parking or traffic rule violation fines Naniko rent a car is obliged to inform to the tenant.
  3. In case of covering parking or traffic fines by Naniko the lessee must compensate the interests and all legal/administrative costs according to the price list.

One way rental
One way rental is allowed between Armenia and Georgia in case of informing about it 48 hours before.

Restriction about driving destinations

For entering to Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh) is free without any special requirements

For crossing the Georgian border is necessary Naniko rent a car permission which is registered by Naniko rent a car in contract. The permission costs 18000 AMD, it is onetime fee and valid for whole rental period.


In case if the tenant forgot his property in the car Naniko rent a car is not responsible for this. Please check the car before dropping off.

Pickup/Delivery and Return of the vehicle

  1. Naniko rent a car delivers the car in clean condition and with full tank, followed by all necessary documents.
  2. The renter should drop off the car in the place/date/time according to the rental agreement. The rental automobile should be delivered back in the same condition as it was upon pick up.
  3. The sides should inspect the car before signing the car rental agreement marking the scratches/damages in additional list annex 1 which is inseparable part of the agreement.
  4. If the lessor does not return the vehicle in mentioned date/time additional fee should be charged. One hour delay is out of charge. For delay Up to six hours should be charged for a half day more than six hours should be considered as one day.
  5. The rented car should be returned clean and with full tank petrol. In case of returning the car in non-clean condition should be charged 5000 AMD and per each missing liter petrol should be charged 500 AMD.

Naniko rent a car Locations

Naniko rent a car office in Yerevan address is 8 Northern Ave. Option pick up and drop off in airport is available for extra fee. We have branches in Georgia where can be dropped off the car for extra charge.

Vehicle exploitation restrictions

The car should not be used in conditions such as:

  • Re-rental
  • In violation of traffic,
  • In violation of regulations,
  • For actions that are considered illegal
  • d) For driving around the areas where traffic is prohibited;
  1. e) For lessons of driving
  2. f) For racing
  3. g) For carrying animals. Animals are allowed to be transported by rental cars in specially designed cages only on prior contract with Naniko

Possible payment methods are following:

  • By Credit and Debit cards (VISA/MASTERCARD/AMERICAN EXPRESS)
  • By Bank Transfer
  • By Cash

The payment in cash should be made in AMD, according to the exchange rate of National Bank.