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New Hampshire – a trip to state of granite in New England

New Hampshire, disposed in the New England area and received its name from the English county of Hampshire, but it is often mentioned as the “granite state”, referring to the existence of numerous quarries of this material. Although, one can also consider the fact that this title also traces a clear reference to the values and traditions of the state, which are hard as granite. It’s not surprising, that the motto of New Hampshire is “Live free or die.”

Geographically New Hampshire borders with Canada and Quebec, with Vermont in the west and Massachusetts in the south, and in the east also has several tens of kilometers of the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. The territory is mostly mountainous, where the northern districts are more characterized by the presence of the White Mountains, part of the Appalachian system, where the highest point – Mount Washington reaches 1917 meters.

The history of New Hampshire dates back to the seventeenth century, to the period of its colonization, and until this time, the territory was populated exclusively by the indigenous Abenaki people. Already in the 18th centenary, more precisely, on June 21, 1788, New Hampshire became the ninth of the first thirteen united states. Following this, political and socio-economic changes began, which brought exceptionally positive results. The state’s economy underwent significant changes, and, after being characterized for a long time only by the cultivation of vegetables, grains and fruits, by the cultivation of cattle, began to develop industry more and more.

The landscape features are interesting here, starting from the region of lakes where Winni Pewaukee is the dominant one, also the Seacoast region, where beautiful beaches with picturesque bays and quiet coastal towns predominate. The mountains of the state are known for their deposits of natural resources, where about two hundred varieties of rocks and minerals are found, and, as already mentioned, are rich in granite.

The capital of the state is Concord, with approximately 40,000 inhabitants. The city is placed in the southeast of the state, just a few dozen kilometers from the ocean and is also the center of Merrimack County. Among the main attractions should certainly visit the Eagle Hotel, which for over a hundred years was the starting point of many future presidential candidates, as they stopped here on the eve of voting, which historically began with New Hampshire.

Learn the diversity and versatility of the US state when traveling to New Hampshire!

From the point of view of the most interesting cultural monuments, also in general, the city of Manchester, which is the center of Hillsborough County, where the most important and prestigious colleges are located, is very noteworthy. Here you can visit Lawrence Lee Scouting Museum with the old Max Silber Library, the famous cemetery, where the most famous personalities of the city are buried and much more.

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