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The international airport of Luxembourg – Findel and car hire service Naniko on your disposition for a pleasant stay!

Luxembourg is a beautiful country that offers picturesque landscapes, vast areas of land covered with hills and valleys, easy to visit by car. Despite its relatively small size, the attractions that await visitors are innumerable.

Many castles and historic sites evident of the importance that the country has played in the course of history, thanks to its strategic geographical position in the heart of Europe.

Natural forests, vineyards and wonderful sands located near each other, so you can easily travel.

The city is parted into several districts and, in turn, it is separated from the magnificent gorges by valleys Alzette and Petrusses.

Luxembourg Findel International Airport is located approximately 5 km from the capital.

By car, you need to select the output A1 9, on the basis of Trier, or exit 7 A7.

Bus N 16 is a regular public transport line, which connects the town center to the train station. Runs every 15-20 minutes and the trip duration is about 30-45 minutes, contingent on traffic.

There are also Omnibus-Verkehr Becker performing a service called – Airport Liner, in the direction of Trier and Germany. Travel time to Trier is about 40 minutes. Bus Becker can pick up the specified passengers at an additional cost.

These buses do not operate on the route on a normal schedule, but only in the case of the order of service. Therefore it is better to book in advance.

At the exit from the arrival terminal there is a taxi.

Car renting at the airport Luxemburg – If your flight is early in the morning and you wish to feel relaxed and in good shape when getting in, there is a choice of hotels at the airport, quite cheap and convenient.