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Car hire in Paris. The most competitive prices of rent a car by Naniko

For most people even never have been here, Paris is the fantastic and most romantic place in the world. It is the 2nd largest city in Europe. Actually, Paris is a extraordinary and charming place, attractive for living and for visiting. The city is full of buildings and monuments that are easily recognizable, even if seen for the first time, the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, the Seine River and the walls of the Louvre.

An indispensable means of movement in large-scale city will be car rented in Paris, which will allows you to travel without fatigue through the most interesting routes.

The metropolis of France, with 2 million inhabitants is known for its multicultural society. Ever since the Middle Ages, numerous immigrants were attracted by the city. Although mainly the Parisians of French origin, various people come from Portugal, Algeria and other countries.

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Driver’s license and passport is required to be available at the pick up of the vehicle. In most cases, required an international license, issued in Latin.

Information on age limits for lease will be given to you upon booking, and will be included also in your booking voucher.

As a rule, in addition to the cost of services, you must leave a deposit collateral as guarantee of payment of accidental expenses, such as fuel, or any damage to the car. The deposit is refunded in full when you return a car in original condition.

If necessary, you can extend the period of your lease, but let us know please about it for a couple of days before the expiration of your lease.

The reception of the vehicle can be carried out at more acceptable place for you, or to a place of your arrival and similarly when you return it.

Optional accessories offered on our site, and you can choose on the spot upon arrival: chairs for children, luggage baskets, chains, ski holders and more.

Full car insurance, taxes, unlimited mileage and road assistance already included in our prices.

Enjoy the splendor of the city in an elegant manner on vehicle hired in Paris at economical prices from Naniko!

Paris is also a political and economic center of France. Major automakers as Renault and Citroen make a positive contribution to the economy. To date, the central part of Paris, filled with a variety of offices, although many began to move to the periphery because of congestion by the tourists. Annually millions of people visit the city of lights. In addition, Paris occupies an important niche in trade and banking.

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