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Car hire in Copenhagen. Rent a car with best offers by Naniko

The Danish capital is a type of the beautiful and typical European capitals that beckon and attract visitors with its hospitality and original compositions. Copenhagen is that glorious place where the population is predominantly use the bicycles as the transport means. But at the intersection of various localities, certainly need a car.

Everyone who intends to visit Copenhagen must ensure of the availability of effective means of travel that will easily permit to enjoy the journey. Among such means is the car rental in Copenhagen proposed through, the major international company for any needs of family, group or individual travel.

Copenhagen is full of wonderful stores and sports facilities and, of course, historical monuments praising exciting architecture on the example of the Royal Library of Slotsholmen and museums, with exhibits from the Paleolithic.

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To carry out the rent you must have:
Identity document – passport;
Actual driver’s license which often required of the international standard, and issued at least a year ago.

A credit card with a satisfactory balance in the name of the driver, that is a tenant.

For the receiving of the car you have to provide all of the above listed documents also the reservation voucher showing all the details of the lease.

It is also necessary to leave a deposit amount as a guarantee of payment in case of mechanical damage of the car, that in case of full safety of the vehicle will be returned in full.

Amongst the numerous benefits is the provision of unlimited mileage on all our cars, whether weekly rentals or longer.

Another handy feature of our service is the immediate provision of the ordered car for any appropriate address and operational preparation of all necessary documents.

The best service of vehicle renting in Copenhagen provides the company Naniko at affordable prices!

Among other, Copenhagen is known for its lovely statue of the Little Mermaid, which is really very small. Most of all, the capital of Denmark attracts with its trendy and vibrant nightlife, the opportunity to visit interesting museums and just enjoy the measured and healthy lifestyle of the capital.

The population of Copenhagen is 1.5 million together with the suburbs.

The city is disposed on the coast of the island of Zealand and a small part of it on the Amager. It is adjacent to the Oresund strait that divides Denmark from Sweden. Here is a

prosperous economy, especially progressive in the field of services, pharmaceuticals and high technologies. Headquarters of large companies such as Nokia, Maersk and others are in Copenhagen.

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