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Oslo, the metropolis of Norway according the data of 2006 has been identified as the most costly city in the world. In different historical landmarks the city has passed the hard way, so, for example, in the seventeenth century, was totally burned and then reconstructed by King Christian IV, in whose honor then was named as Christian, and later called Oslo. There were preserved few ligneous buildings that survived in time, but in general it has a modern appearance with spacious streets.

It is a compact town, without traffic jams, with clean and fresh air, thanks to a numerous well-kept parks, including the Vigeland Sculpture Park. Here you can admire numerous sculptures and have a nice relax, plucking vitality.

The easiest and a convenient way to explore this sumptuous land is to use car renting in Oslo and visit the impressive central region of Norway, where you can see high mountains, huge glaciers and beautiful fjords.

The company Naniko provide auto hire in Oslo and other Norwegian cities at cheap rates, to explore the gorgeous landscape!

Your leased vehicle can be delivered to the desired location, for example at the airport, train station to the hotel and more.

Prices initially offered by us, are always comprise the compulsory auto insurance and all local taxes.

The range of accessories for the comfort and safety are always possible to choose or when booking or in our office: Navigators of latest models with updated maps, baby seats in weight and size of the child, snow chains and more.

Payment for services can be done at time of booking by the bank transfer or when getting the car.

Enjoy the benefits and special offers from Naniko on vehicle rented in Oslo at the best prices!

Bright and friendly, the capital of Norway is an ideal place to visit and rest, also a convenient starting point for further travel in the direction of the countryside.

In the area of Frogner one can observe the interesting architecture and historical sites, and in the city center you can visit the excellent museums and galleries. There are the medieval fortresses Akershus Slot and Festning, built in 1300.

In the summer time you can attend the outdoors theater and music performances. Interested in the history the people will be able to visit the Maritime Museum of the Vikings, or Vikingskipshuset, which perfectly represents the history of the Vikings.

Over the past century Oslo has grown significantly, but in the early nineteenth century, it was a small town of about 10,000 people. Today the populace of over half a million inhabitants.

Oslo placed in a very scenic area, encircled by green hills and mounts and is only 100 km from the fjord. In addition, just 100 km separates it from the border of Sweden.

Thanks to oil and natural gas, Oslo among the richest cities in Europe.

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