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Find the best offers of car rental in Gyumri, Armenia from Naniko

Being in Armenia for a specific purpose, whether it’s just a trip for pleasure or business matters, many do not miss a unique chance to get acquainted with the interesting history of the country and visit different places. Among the interesting points of your itinerary, likely will be the city of Gyumri, the second largest city in the country, the center of Shirak province, which is disposed just 126 km far from Yerevan.
Throughout its history, the city has undergone several name changes; it was originally known as Kumayri, then, in the period of tsarist Russia became Alexandropol then Leninakan, and finally, today turned in Gyumri. To this city is linked the tragic milestone of the Armenian history, as in December 1988, there was a powerful earthquake that killed 30,000 people, leaving the 400 thousand Armenians homeless.
When you arrive at your destination, be sure to have a question about a convenient means of travel, and for that you will be profitable to rent a car from Naniko and in complete comfort and safety continue your journey to explore an interesting region. Gyumri, as the ancient city of artisans and blacksmiths, and a place of unique traditions, offers visitors many interesting things.

Learn more about the rich history of the area, traveling in comfort on auto rental in Gyumri by Naniko!

The aim of our company has always been to provide the perfect balance of price and quality.
Like any other product that we are planning to buy, also the service of car rental is offered by a variety of companies, sites and agencies. The question is how best to choose the right company to get the desired result. And in this we can help you by providing information on the spectrum of advantages and benefits that you can get from us. As a result, you can easily come to the simple conclusion that the company Naniko offers exactly what you need!

In short, you can immediately see a number of benefits from Naniko for their permanent or new customers:

• Our prices are always competitive and initially they include the cost of car insurance, and all local taxes.
• You can continuously receive free updates that will give you information about special offers, promotions and super attractive discounts on specific areas and during certain periods.
• You will get unlimited kilometers, which allows you to save even more because traveling for any distance you do not have to spend additional amounts.
• At your disposal is always our team of technical assistance and you get free help on road in case of unforeseen problems instantly, even to replace the car if necessary.
• A variety of service packages will allow you to choose the most suitable conditions for your needs. Here you will find packages of short-term and long-term rental and even to lease cars in one direction, the options for corporate clients, operating lease, and more.

A huge range of vehicles of our fleet allows us to satisfy the most diverse needs of our customers mobility. We have a compact and economical models, luxury cars for special events or important business meetings, SUVs for mountain trips, roomy vans by 15 passenger seats and more.

Take advantage of 24-hour customer support and other amenities from Naniko when you rent a car in Gyumri!

To ensure maximum comfort and safety of our customers, we provide a range of supporting accessories and additional services, among which you can choose a car seat for children, GPS navigators, snow chains, support racks, holders of sports equipment and more.
Our highly skilled team of employees and product specialists are always at the service of our customers and are always ready to provide the best deals at the moment.

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