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Car rental in Milan – Rent a car from company Naniko

For rent a car in Milan and province we suggest to trust to the company Naniko, which will provide you by wide assortment of its fleet and convenient prices according to your requests. Using our online booking system, you can choose the suitable model of vehicle and check its availability, also arrange your preliminary order online.

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Car rental in Milan- If you are planning to visit sightseeing of the city and surroundings, you will hire auto in any point in Milan or in the airports of the city – is the best way to start immediately unforgettable trip on the board of car rented by Naniko.

What you have to know while driving in Milan.

Driving auto in Italy is a quite interesting experience even if not always the ideal. As in all megacities, in Milan is also full traffic on the roads and the highways often too expensive. The alcohol grade limit is 0.05%. Speed limits in the city – 50 km/h, 70 km/h – in districts, 110 km/h – on highway and 130 km/h  – on superhighways.

Milan, as an economical and financial capital of Italy.

Milan is the second city of Italy, the center of the same name province and of the region of Lombardy. Flso it is the most settled city of the Nord Italy. There are multitude of regional and national roads of and international importance intercrossing here.

Being a center of the Lombardy region, Milan represents stated value monuments, deserving the attention of visitors and the best way to visit all of them is to travel over by hired auto.

  • Having in your disposition the auto, you are free to create the most right and your own itinerary of trip across the most significant places of megacity. And, sure, the first destination of your interest will be Duomo, inimitable sample of Italian Gothic.
  • Parked your car in central zone, you will have a possibility to start a walking tour and admire the King’s Palace, stroll in the Gallery, watching the fashionable shop-windows, do not forget to carry out the famous hoodoo ceremonial – to tread out the bulls genitals, depicted on the mosaic road covering, which is a symbol of Turin. From the Gallery you will walk out to the La Scala square. After admiring a lyric moment, you can pick up your car and continue your itinerary toward next interesting places, such as Sforza Castle with some museums inside, the San Babila square with amazing roman church.
  • Nearby you will find the Center of Italian fashion, Montenapoleon Street, full of boutiques of most prestigious world brands.
  • Thanks to the possibility given by our company, it’s easy to reach Holy Mary of Grace and admire of Last Supper of Leonardo, also visit the famous Brera Art Gallery.
  • Afterward, is the time to become thoroughly engrossed in the attractive nocturnal life of Milan in the zone of Navigli.

Enjoy you impressive trip in the World Capital of Fashion – Milan on the board or comfortable car provided by Naniko!

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