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Car rental in Nicosia from the best car hire company Naniko

Located in the center of Cyprus, the beautiful capital Nicosia will give you a very special holiday. You will find yourself in a city full of history and contradictions still with bisected wall, due to historical moments between the Cypriot communities in the south and Turkish north.

Car Hire in Nicosia from Naniko allows you do not miss any of the many attractions of the capital.

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Journey to a long and turbulent history on the car hired from Naniko in Nicosia.

Inhabited since 2500 BC, the space of the capital became a city-state called Ledra, which flourished for several centuries, until being occupated by Assyrians. Around the eighth century BC, Ledra was a small village. Only 1500 years later, after the Arab invasion of the island, a small village was becoming a real city, the current Nicosia.

From the fourteenth century, Nicosia suffered from a number of new invasions, till the conquest of the Venetian Republic, which made a series of still visible strong fortifications and ruled the island until 1570, the Ottoman conquest of the island. About three hundered years of Turkish rule, many Turkish families had settled in the north part of Nicosia.

In the end of 19th century, rule of the island was transferred to the UK, and held them until 1960. After a series of unsuccessful attempts to Greek nationalists to annex the island to Greece, Turkey occupied the northern part of the Ciprus and was built by the separation wall, and only in 2003 was again allowed to circulate between the two parts of the island.

Most interesting places of Nicosia

Car renting in Nicosia from the company Naniko allows you to discover all beauties of the city, full of monuments, situated in the southern region.

The entire old town looks like an open air museum, with its narrow streets, full of life and color. After admiring the beautiful Venetian walls, you can get a fabulous fun of inspection:

  1. Archaeological Museum of Cyprus, with its rich collection of local artifacts.
  2. Beautiful Basilica of St. John, the most important religious monument  of the city.
  3. Selimiye Mosque, located in a complex of the St. Sophia Cathedral of the fifteenth century
  4. Extraordinary complex Buyuk Han.

Rent a car at low price in Nicosia from Naniko, will also open doors for you the best bars and restaurants in the capital:

  • Elegant Greek tavern in Louis Greco's Nest
  • The best fish dishes in a gorgeous restaurant Pyxyda.
  • International cuisine, excellent Italian restaurants such as Caraffa Bastion, Romantica and Pizzeria Il Forno,
  • Excellent French cuisine at Brasserie Au Bon Plaisir

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