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Information about Riga

Riga, capital of Latvia is the most beautiful city of the Baltic republics. The historic center is well preserved, and in recent years has been made grandiose restoration works. Many monuments of the center of Riga were listed on the UNESCO World Heritage. For lovers of architecture it is the sheer delight, because Riga is a very special place. There are many interesting museums, cultural monuments, bars and terraces.

  • Population

Population of the city is more than 700 thousand people.

  • Geographical position

Riga is situated on both banks of the Daugava River, about ten kilometers from the mouth of the Gulf of Riga, which is connected with the Baltic Sea. Old Town is located on the right bank of the river.

  • Economy

Riga has always been an important city for trade between Western and Eastern Europe, and this position is still preserved. After getting independence, the port was modernized and built a new passenger terminal. In addition, the capital of Latvia is the most important financial center of the Baltics. More and more people are discovering the Riga as a place for recreation and tourism.

  • Airports

Riga Airport is ten kilometers to the west of the city center. Riga International Airport is easily accessible by rented car on the A10 from the center (or A7, which then connects to the A10) and exit P133.

  • Public transport

The Latvian capital has an excellent public transport network consisting of buses, trams and trolleybuses. You can buy a day travel car for three days or five days, valid for all modes of transport

  • Traffic and Parking

The historic city center is a pedestrian zone. In addition, in the center there are numerous one-way streets. Although in recent years, in the city center were built some parking spaces, is still difficult to find a parking space. If you are going to discover other places outside the capital of Latvia, car hire is the perfect way to travel. In recent years, many of the roads have been rebuilt.

  • Hotels

Riga has a good range of hotels of all categories. Particularly well-developed network of hotels category for tourists, but in recent years added a few hotels of middle-class and luxury hotels. If you are planning to visit Riga in the summer, it is advisable to book a hotel in advance. 

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