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Rent a car at the airport of Burgas from Naniko

The car rental company Naniko pleased to offer you our services in all directions around the world. We have an ofices at all main airports and destinations throughout Europe and on other continents. One of our points is also represented at the airport of Burgas.

Plan your journey in advance when traveling on holiday abroad.

Confirming your reservation for a rent a car at the airport of Burgas from Naniko, arriving at Bourgas Airport, your car will be waiting for you in readiness for the discovering the wonders of Bourgas and the surrounding area!

It is important to arrange pre-book location and method of travel to avoid unnecessary stress.

The cheapest and most comfortable way to travel – is to hiring a car at the airport of Burgas from Naniko, which will give you the luxury and freedom to plan your itinerary on according your own desire.

Burgas is one of the most interesting destinations in Europe. Being the quite active resorts in Bulgaria, Burgas airport activity remains very high throughout the year. Tourists arrive at the airport of Burgas to continue their journey from this point to other resorts such as Nessebar, Sozopol and Sunny Beach.

You can also make reservations online at Naniko web-page, where you will find offers of wide selection of cars for hire from economy Hatch-backs to family minivans. Let us to offer competitive prices and services. You will surely be able to choose whatever suits you more.

A small summary of the data of the airport in Burgas

Burgas Airport was originally designed to provide employment opportunities for local residents. At that time, only a few airlines fly through this airspace. Later, in 1950 and 1960, the airport has been expanded and equipped with modern facilities. And in 1970, the airport of Burgas was transformed in an international airport.

There are many plans for the future by expanding the airport, due to the fact that many tourists flock to the moment in Bulgaria.

For the comfort of passengers are offered services such as ATM, wireless Internet access, gift shops and restaurants.

Get a hassle-free trip to Bulgaria, renting a car at the airport of Burgas from Naniko!   

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