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Rent a car at the airport of Odessa. Auto rental with Naniko

Odessa is a very special place, in accordance with its monuments, interesting history and its magnificent beaches. And today because of all the above mentioned, it is a highly visited city, and was the same in the old times. Leafing through the travel brochures can see the old photos of the 20th centenary, with the images of the port and waterfront, palaces and elegant ladies with umbrellas in hand, the friendly bustle of sailors and another that gives a sensation of pleasant nostalgia and interest for this seaside and warm city. Odessa was founded by Catherine the Great in 1794 and soon became a thriving port, which connected Russia to Istanbul, Athens, Venice and other Western cities.

Perhaps you ever noticed how much time is spent during the holidays on all sorts of expectations, for example, in the queues at the theme parks, in anticipation of a meal in a restaurant, etc. But most of the hours lost in waiting for public transport, which can be completely prevented by car renting at Odessa airport. The availability of the vehicle gives you freedom of movement and choice. You just can take a decision what to do and when.

Naniko offers the best prices for auto hire at Odessa airport for your safe and joyful journey!

All prices offered on our site include car insurance, local taxes, and you are provided with unlimited mileage and roadside assistance if necessary, in unexpected situations.

You will not find nasty surprises of hidden costs, about all other charges such as the cost of auxiliary accessories or fuel you will be notified in advance.

In our service center are only highly qualified employees and kind operators ready to answer any question about our services. Customer service is accessible around the clock.

For convenient transportation of luggage provided luggage basket on request, also in the spectrum of accessories you can select the navigation, child seats, ski racks and more.

Whatever the style of your trip in our fleet you will find a suitable vehicle, whether it is the SUV for mountain trips, small car for urban movements or minivan for group travel.

Given the availability of numerous offices not only in the country. but also in the world, you can get a car at one point and return it in an entirely different, where it is more convenient for you, according to your route.

Convenience and low prices from Naniko on vehicle rental in the airport of Odessa – the key to your successful trip!

Odessa Airport is 7 km far from Odessa and was built in 1961. In recent years there has been a steady increase in passenger traffic, especially in the summer. From Odessa Airport flights are carried out on 60 directions of domestic and international routes. There is a hotel, also the services provided of the international standard.

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