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Prague, a city from the pictures of post cards, and one of the most amazing and ancient cities in Europe, became a famous destination for lovers of culture as leisure. Prague, with its attractive network of cobbled streets and squares with markets, many medieval churches and inviting bars and restaurants, in fact, is the ideal place for the relax  of urban style. Naniko provides car renting services in Prague and at the airports and in the city center in the whole Czech Republic. Rent a car in Prague is a convenient and economical way to explore this magnificent city and other nearby attractions.

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Prague retains many features of its ancient architecture and partly because the city has managed to remain unscathed after a mortar bombing during World War II. It is located on the riversides of the Vltava River and is known as the "City of Bridges", a small picturesque arches and large and busy walkways, such as the Charles Bridge, which is dotted with the city. In 1992, the entire historic center of Prague, all 866 hectares, was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Most of the major attractions of the city is in the center, in five separate areas connected by Charles Bridge. Prague Castle is a huge part of the castle of 1100, with towers, which rise majestically above the city, and that is the main attraction in Prague. Other areas, including the Malá Strana, of 13th-century, the gothic style 'Old Town' on the eastern bank of the Vltava and the 'New Town' (although today has been 700 years), is situated in the south-east of Stare Mesto.

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In Prague, a lot of places to visit and owning a vehicle become a valuable way to explore the city at your own pace. You can also move towards the inside and see the Czech countryside. It is a country where bungee jumping practiced in the mountain gorges, visiting castles, where there is always something wonderful for everyone.  

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