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Tajikistan is a country, located in Central Asia. In this country, you can find an abundance of historical, cultural and natural attractions.

The country's capital Dushanbe.

Tajikistan is famous, as a place of mountain tourism in Central Asia. The Tajik National Park attracts lovers of ecological tourism. There is still preserved natural treasures, rare species of flora and fauna.

Major historical monuments are located in the cities of the country. Through this area in the deep past flowed the Great Silk Road.

Places that are worth a visit on arrival in Tajikistan:

Near from the city Pendjikent it was found Sarazm city, it dates back to 4-2 millennium BC.

Near the city of Kurgan-Tube is a Buddhist monastery called Adzhina Tepa, here was found the statue of Buda of thirteen meters.

Tajikistan is rich in mineral and medicinal springs, the most famous of them – "Garmchashma" it heals people from many diseases.

This country holds the site of UNESCO World Heritage. Natural areas: the lake in the mountain of Pamir – Zorkul, Fann Mountains.

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