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About the country

Turkey – the official name is – the Republic of Turkey. The one part of the country lies in the European part and the other part is in Asia. Capital – Ankara. The official language is Turkish. The country is washed on three sides by the sea. In the south of the Mediterranean, the Aegean Sea to the west, in the north of the Black. The climate is continental and temperate marine. The country has a well developed economy; well-developed tourism infrastructure plays an important role.

The most visited places in Turkey:

Istanbul – an ancient and sprawling city. The industrial and commercial center of the country, an important port and important transportation hub. It is an amazing place destination of concentration of museums and interesting places.  Other large cities: Adana, Erzurum, Izmir, Adana.

Cappadocia – place with an interesting landscape of volcanic origin and interesting underground cities that have been created in the 1st millennium BC. In the UNESCO World Heritage List include Goreme National Park and the famous cave settlements of Cappadocia.

Mardin – the ancient city, which is well known for its unique architectural buildings in the Arab style. The city is situated on the cliffs.

Antalya – famous resort in southern Turkey. This place has huge recreational resources, receives a huge flow of tourists from all over Europe.

Marmaris – a resort and a huge port and is located on the Mediterranean coast. Marmaris is often called as Turkish "Ibiza", as there are a huge number of nightclubs and bars here till morning music do not subsides. This site is intended for those who do not enjoy a calm holiday.

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