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Jerusalem is not only the capital of the state of Israel, but also a city of three religions: Christianity, Islam and Judaism. For this reason alone already exciting city, where two thousand-year-old buildings merge organically with modern buildings. Unfortunately, it is a city divided into two parts. The modern part, populated mostly by Jews, is located in West Jerusalem, while the oldest, inhabited mainly by Arabs, is located in East Jerusalem, captured from Jordan by Israel in 1967 and annexed in 1980.

  • Population

There are more than 750 000 inhabitants In Jerusalem. The majority (two-thirds) is made up of Jews, half of whom are Orthodox extremists. About a third of the inhabitants of Jerusalem are Muslims.

  • Geographical position

Jerusalem is located in central Israel, on the eastern edge of the West Bank. There are, however, hundreds of Israeli settlements.

  • Airports

National Airport in Israel, International Ben Gurion Airport is located more than 50 kilometers to the north-west of Jerusalem. The airport is easily accessible by rented car. It is located just off the highway in Tel Aviv.

  • Traffic and Parking

Jerusalem's Old City can be explored on foot, because to many streets and alleys are not accessible by car. Find a place to park is very difficult, especially on a Saturday. Under the Mamilla shopping center has a covered parking. There is also a large P + R area near Mount Herzi, where you can leave your hired car and continue the journey to the center by tram.

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