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Useful information for anyone who takes a car in Israel from Naniko

Traffic management and fuel

  • In Israel, the movement of right hand.
  • Road signs are generally written in three languages: Hebrew, English and Arabic.
  • Limit the allowable alcohol content is 0.05 g / l.
  • The road network is in excellent condition.
  • Service stations in Israel at every step. Some of them are closed for the night, and the other from Friday sunset to Saturday evening, observing the canons of the Jewish Sabbath.
  • Is required to keep the dipped headlights switched on during the day, from 1 November to 31 March.
  • Tolls

The only toll road in Israel at number 6, between Ein Tut, to the north, and Kiryat Gat, in the south. The fee is automatically calculated based on the number of vehicles. When renting a car, will be listed in the contract item, which says that you will not use Highway 6, and if you are going to follow it through, you will need to specify this.

  • Age Requirements

The minimum age to take a car in Israel, 21 years old, but be careful, because in most cases for drivers under 25 years old are additional surcharges locally. Therefore we advise to always carefully read the information about selected product.

  • Exchange

The currency used in Israel – Israeli Shekel (NIS), abbreviated Shekel. Any foreign currency can be exchanged at airports, banks (Note: the banks are closed on Saturday) at many hotels. Credit cards are widely used.

  • Time in Israel

Israel is in the time zone UTC / GMT + 2. Israel also decided to switch to daylight saving time from late March to late October.

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