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Car rental in airport Chisinau from Naniko – Car hire at best deals

In Moldavia there are a lot of companies of car renting  offering the services in this field, but compare the conditions and sum up the results of the search, easy to realize that only few of them are able to provide you with an optimal ratio of prices and quality.

  • How to arrange the car renting in Chisinau airport.

Through the huge list of companies on rental market, there are such kinds, with a few old cars offering service without any technical support, insurance and other necessary conditions of the rental, which are obligatory for vehicle rental service. To avoid unforeseen troubles which can darken your trip, we are recommending do not take the risk of being tempted by too low prices or some “unreal advantages”, in which hidden the absence of guarantee and security of service. Car rental in airport Chisinau from Naniko it is your best choice!

And, in conclusion, we suggest always applying to the company, specialized and professional in the field which offers the guaranteed package of services and vehicle of the best conditions. Such kind is the car hire company Naniko in the airport of Chisinau.

  • Here are some dominant and most important points to give you confidence in reliability of vehicle hire from Naniko in Chisinau airport:

  • Wide diversity of cars, starting from economy hatchback to luxury cars.
  • Technical assistance in case of unforeseen troubles
  • CASCO Insurance
  • The rental prices are including VAT and Insurance
  • Additional devices for cars, for your more comfortable trip, like roof baskets, bike holders or baby chairs.
  • GPS-Navigator – is the perfect help during travel in unknown country
  • Get and receive car in any suitable for you place
  • Driver service in case of your request
  • Well-disposed and friendly staff

Chisinau Airport

An international airport of Chisinau is the main airport of Moldavia. The terminal was constructed in 1970 and for today it’s able to host 1.200.000 passengers per year. Four national companies are operating for passenger transportation: Air Moldova, Moldavian Airlines, Tandem Aero e Vichi. The airport is situated in 13 kilometers from the capital.


  • Airport is functioning 24 hours
  • For VIP and CIP passengers there are special services in VIP terminal.

Connection with city:

  • Express bus A is available from 6.35am until 18.55pm. Parts every half an hour
  • Microbus – from 6.00 am until 21.30 pm, parts every 15 minutes

Secure yourself with guaranteed comfort during your trip, offered by car rental Naniko, arrange it here and now, in airport of Chisinau!

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