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Chisinau – the capital city of Moldova.

The capital of the country is the city with about 720.000 inhabitants, situated in the central part of Moldova. Passing by the city streets and watching Volant high class autos, restaurants and luxury hotels, young people dressed with modern style, it’s difficult to imagine that Moldova is one of the not so rich countries of Europe.

Lay-out of the city is typical for soviet period planning style. There are straight roads framed with the fences.

The railway station is situated nearby the Gagarin Boulevard, in five minutes of walking from the center. The places of touristic interest are everywhere, transforming Chisinau into the pleasant place for walking.

Unfortunately, in the historical center of the city there are not so much monuments were reserved, because of bombardments in the period of Second World War.

The main sightseeing’s are: The Holly Gates or also named as Triumphal Arch of Chisinau, Cathedral Church,  Palace of Government and Presidential Palace. There is also impressing and biggest in the city central park.

The most important day of the year is 14th October, the day of city celebration and also first week of October – the wine festival.

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