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Car rental from Naniko in Sardinia, rent a car in Italy

Sardinia is the second island of Mediterranean Sea by its dimensions and for majority is one of the best places for vacation at seaside. On the coastline which counts more than 1800 kilometers, there are great numbers of beaches where you can enjoy swimming in the fantastic sea and having sunbath. And, of course, is desired to visit as much as possible wonderful places, but how to realize everything in one time?

It’s easy to actualize! Rent a car from Naniko in Sardinia and you’re the most adventurous itinerary of trip will became the reality!

Car rental in Sardinia – If you will arrive to Sardinia by air, the best solution will be the car hiring at once. On Sardinia there are three airports: Cagliari Elmas international airport, Alghero International airport and airport of Olbia- Costa Smeralda. Nothing is better than landed in Sardinia, without any troubles pick up the car and start the exiting voyage!

Issuing a pre-booking online via Naniko web-page, you will avoid tiresome idle queue in the airport and will be able to pick up directly vehicle, ready for departure.


Sardenia for many people is the synonym of white sands and emerald color water, sensational night life and luxurious hotels, especially in Costa Smeralda. Actually, every corner of Sardinia deserves to be visited. There are mountain of Gennargentu in the center of island, rivers in Orosei zone and different small islands as Magdalena and Budelli, also different cities as Cagliari, Sassari, Alghero and Olbia, which is impossible do not visit.

Three most impressive places of Sardinia, which you have to visit:

  • Maddalena Archipelago
  • Сoast Tuerredda
  • Visit of amazing creature of nature – Arch Sarkitu (S'Archittu)

The road network in Sardinia is ideal. Motorways connect all areas of the island and are completely free of traffic jams. Given the fact that the prices for the ferries are high enough, the choice of hire car as the vehicle for Sardinia, every day becoming more profitable.

With our low prices this decision – will be most beneficial to you.

Sardinia, located in the heart of the Mediterranean, with its approximately 1,800 kilometers of coastline, its geographical position and history, is one of the most attractive places in Europe.


Rent now your vehicle from Naniko, the most suitable for you and you are ready to begin the journey and enjoy an unforgettable holiday in Sardinia!

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