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Rent a car at airport of Sardinia, Italy from Naniko

To begin our travel around Sardinia the ideal solution would be to take a car from Naniko. This is the easiest and fastest way to a comfortable trip to Sardinia.

Why reasonable to choose a car rental Naniko in Sardinia.

  • Affordable prices, including VAT and insurance
  • Opportunity of booking  through our online reservation system
  • Cars of the best conditions and a huge selection of fleet
  • Service delivery and return of the vehicle convenient for you at suitable for you address
  • The company, focused on improving and developing its services
  • Possibility of fully control your advanced booking

Rent a car at the airport of Sardinia – Important to know:

  • The company you chosen, provides services throughout the island, as Naniko, in case of unexpected failure and the need for roadside assistance.
  • Maximum speed limit on the island of Sardinia – 90 km / h.  Being in Sardinia in business trip or vacation, you have to respect speed limits and be careful especially in rainy weather.
  • In Italy, the road regulations  defines that dipped headlights should be switched on  at all times, regardless of the period of the day

Airports of Sardinia

Major airports in Sardinia: Cagliari – Elmas, about 7 kilometers from the city, Alghero – Fertilia and Olbia – Costa Smeralda, which connects the island with the main national and international airports.

On arrival at any of the airports in Sardinia, you have the opportunity to get to your destination, using public transportation or take a taxi, which would be costly, or immediately take a car from a company Naniko and continue their journey without thinking about the problem of displacement.

With many national and international airports have direct flights that allow reaching airports in Sardinia. Various international and national airlines offer daily flights on schedule or as charter and low cost flights in summer.

  • Alghero Airport – Fertilia

Alghero Airport Riviera del Corallo is located approximately 10 km from the historic city center. Achievable using the highway SS127DIR and SP42.

If you intend to visit an amazing city of Alghero, we recommend car hire for free movement, the best and most economical solution of mobility and way to to visit the small historic city center and other charms of this small town.

It’s located in the north-west of Sardinia Sea, originally founded by the ancient Doria and, then captured by the Catalans. They have imposed a significant imprint on the architecture and traditions of the magnificent city, provides numerous beaches, churches and monuments.

Alghero is a strategic point for the beginning travel in Sardinia and his eulogy of the coast also offers a large selection of hiring cars. Just choose the best of them – auto rental Naniko!

  • Airport Cagliari – Elmas (CAG)

Cagliari Elmas Airport is located 6 km from the city center and is the most important airport of the island, transports 2.5 million passengers a year. Modern terminal is formed of three floors.

There are no direct rail lines connecting the airport to the city. However, there is a good bus connection. Or much easier attainable bond by car, than your faithful companion, as always, will take vehicles by Naniko at Cagliari airport.

At the airport, you can find several shops, a bar, and a business center with a variety of services on the second floor, six offices and a hall for meetings, bank service, currency exchange and ATM. 

  • Airport of Olbia – Costa Smeralda

The optimal service of Naniko offers at the airport of Olbia – Costa Smeralda. The airport is located near the city center and is buried in the natural greenery, control towers equipped with advanced technology.

Tower of San Pancrazio and Del Elefante is a symbol of the city. Was designed by architect Giovanni Capula and built in 1305 on the highest point of the hill. Castello district was founded by Pisans in XIII century. Visit this area of Cagliari, among antiques shops and craft workshops, means enjoying magnificent views and unique atmosphere.

Island of Saint Piedro on Sulci Archipelago, with its stunning beaches and Carloforte deserve a visit without any doubt, as well as Park Molentardzhus, exceptional for its ponds with salt and fresh water.

Discover the charm of Coral Riviera traveling by car from rent auto Naniko. 

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