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Kiev is a capital city of the antic reign, gave a birth of numerous nations of the east Europe. Today it’s the cultural and industrial center of great importance.

As a capital of east-European country, Kiev reserves the traditions of being active and life full city, especially in the meaning of night life.

The local money is a grivna and 10 grivna is equal to 100 kopeika. The exchange offices are everywhere. Apart of particular aspects, life in Kiev is cheaper than in west Europe, especially in alimentary sphere.

  • How to arrive and move in the city.

Airport of Kiev – Boripol is located 29 kilometers far from the center of the city and connected with direct flights with the most European cities. There are public services and subways are functioning in the city, but for more commodity, free movement and time saving the best alternative is the car renting.

  • Places for visiting.

Old city is located on the coast of the river Dnepr, which crosses Kiev. Most interesting places of touristic attraction are in this part. The most typical street is Andriyivskyy Descent, the historical cobbled street with numerous palaces of XVIII-XIX century. There are a lot of street artists and painters, concerts and art festivals.

The old city is connected with the quarter Podol, which represents the commercial zone of river harbor. The Kteshatik Street is full of shops, bars and restaurants.  

Kiev represents a quantity of religious monuments of great importance, as Saint Sophia Cathedral, Kiev Pechersk Lavra of XI century, Saint Michael Cathedral XII century, famous of its golden domes and bell tower.

The edifice of National Theatre is a splendid construction, where you can enjoy the ballet or play. Mariyinsky Palace was projected by Italian architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli appears as a sample of the Baroque style of XVII century.

  • Nocturnal life of Kiev.

Disco clubs in Kiev are very well organized and the popular entertainment of tourists and locals. Arena city is located in the nice building in the center of the city and functions as a disco club, restaurant, pizzeria and bar. Art club 44 is a night club for fancies of jazz. And a lot of other entertainment places are happy to host its visitors.

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