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Larnaca is a port town and seaside resort in Cyprus. It is one of the most modern cities of the island, but here you can also find many remnants of ancient civilizations. The coastline is the heart of the city.

Car rental in Larnaca – the best way for traveling

  • Population

The town has 75,000 inhabitants.

  • Geographical position

Larnaca, a town on the south coast of the island of Cyprus, is believed to be the oldest town on the island, founded by immigrants from Greece, more than 14 centuries before Christ. Today it’s the largest cities of the island and is served by the main airport of the country.

Tourism is a very important area. The city has beautiful sandy beaches, but also the remains of ancient times attracted many tourists.

Thanks to Naniko you can pre-book  auto hiring, and pick it up at the airport or other convenient location to you. From here you can proceed directly to the Larnaca Salt Lake, which is in five minutes driving by car. Here, throughout the period from November to March is possible to see colonies of flamingos, and in summer the water evaporates, leaving behind a layer of salt on the bottom of the lake.

  • Airports

Larnaca airport is located 8 km south of the city. This is the most important airport of Cyprus and annually serves more than 5 million passengers.

  • Hotels

Larnaca has a big choice of hotels, guest houses, apartments and other accommodation points. Prices are generally more expensive than in the rest of the island. On the coast you can find most luxurious hotels. In the summer, you should book a room in advance.

The city is also a popular seaside resort; Mackenzie beach is the most famous beaches characterized by fine sand and shallow waters, while enthusiasts can enjoy diving excursions and see the wreckage of Zenobia, which sank in 1980 near the harbor.

Rent a car in Larnaca from Naniko also allows you to move away from the city center and explore the surroundings. 

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