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Car rental in Rome by company Naniko – Car hire at super deals in Italy

To arrange the car hiring for your trip to Rome for short or long period, we suggest trusting to the company Naniko. It will permit you to enjoy your travel time in full autonomy. Naniko let you have in your disposition the wide choice of its fleet, additional services and the best rates.

Suggestions for car hiring in Rome!

Car rental in Rome, in spite the obvious advantages, gives you possibility to visit preferable for you places freely. For having an according to your requests practice of renting car, Naniko offers a few advices:

  • Evaluate better your decision which type of car will be more suitable for your trip.

Small and economy auto not always suits to any trip. You have to take in account the number of persons and luggage you will have with you. Comfort and security are the elements which should not be underestimated.  It is important also to pay attention to have a car with air conditioning, in case of summer trip.

  • Make sure what included in the price.

Some competitors prices are quite sutesfactory, but in the same time there could be some hidden payments, invisible during booking. Prices of Naniko included VAT and insurance costs.

  • Assure yourself what exactly covers Insurance.

As a rule, companies in Europe offer to cover the Civil Responsibility concerning to third person and reducing the financial responsibility in case of troubles – CDW.

Naniko offers CASCO Insurance.

To book your rent a car in Rome in advance:

Preliminary car booking will help you to save your money, thanks to the guaranteed prices, and also to save the time, for choosing the available car for needed period. In this task will be helpful the online booking system of Naniko web-page.

Check the conditions of vehicle before pick up.

Check the tires and treads, if in good conditions and pumped enough. The technical staff of Naniko will pay attention to any your request.

Hold to the suggestions from the company Naniko and your trip to Rome will be as splendid as this city.


Eternal cityRome.

“Rome, of course, Rome!…”- answered Audrey Hepburn in famous film “Roman Holliday” to the question, which city of Italy impressed her mostly.

Rome is one of the most impressive and beautiful capitals of the world, and the Centre of astonishing architectural and cultural treasures.


  • Coliseum.

Coliseum, also known as the Flavian Amphitheatre, represents the best enchanting show of the city. The visitors are stricken not only by its immense dimensions, but also by the historical value of this place. Here gladiators battled for survival, entertaining the crowd, and condemned prisoners were turned the feed for lions. Walking inside there are come alive the scenes with sounds of breathtaking roar of crowd.

  • Fountain of Trevi

The fountain of Trevi, immortalized by the film La Dolce Vita, is the most famous fountain of Rome.

The Baroque style structure was projected by Nikola Salvi and represents the statue of Neptuneon his chariot. The water flowed from the fountain follows from underground aqueduct of I century A.D. It’s a legendary tradition to throw the coin in fountain, for having the chance to return to Rome.  Conative to return to Rome so much, that fountain is necessary to be cleaned from coins every day and the collected sums pass to charity.

  • Travelling in Rome by auto, you will have the possibility to visit such treasures of Rome which are

hidden from the views, as Basilica of Saint Lorenzo, Missionary Museum, and Trinity of Monti on the embankment of Tiber.

Naniko offers the car hire of economy cars, what will permit you to save considerable sum of money during your voyage in megacity. 



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