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Rent a car in Denmark. Low cost car rental with Naniko

Being a primary member of the United Kingdom of Denmark, Denmark is disposed in Scandinavia in its composed also with the Faroe Islands and Greenland.

Denmark composed of the Jutland peninsula, bordering the Baltic and North Seas, as well as 443 islands, of which the largest are connected by bridges, and minors with ferries and small airplanes. According to many international associations Denmark is a happy country in the world. Unique fact is that it is one of only two countries in the world has the capital on the island, whereas the larger part of the nation placed on the continent. Copenhagen is disposed on the island of Zealand.

The university town of Aarhus, Aalborg and Esbjerg are in Jutland and Odense – on Funen.

This small and most southern of the Scandinavian countries nation is characterized by pleasant countryside, hills and small communities, combined with liveliness of cosmopolitan cities. Having a car rented in Denmark at your disposition with a great pleasure you will explore the area and experience the hospitality of the people.

Auto hire in Denmark, provided by Naniko at the cheapest rates is a convenient way to discover the beauty of this land.

Our service packages composed with:

The Low prices, which include taxes and Casco insurance.
Maintenance of the service center with round the clock availability.
Immediate help in case of roadside problems with the replacement of the vehicle if necessary.

The range of accessories required for comfort and safety, including navigators, snow chains, child seats and more.
Express preparation of the documents, delivery and return of your car in an appropriate for you place.

You can also choose other options such as a supplementary driver.

Among the variety of types of lease proposed lease for any period of time, as long-term lease, the main benefit of which is the unlimited use of cars, without having to purchase. With a monthly fixed fee, calculated from the value of cars and services, you receive full technical service and the ability always have a new car.

Get a chance of ease and comfort way to visit the country with the service of auto renting in Denmark from Naniko!

Free from tension and stress of high temps, Denmark offers a lot of interesting to the visitors. Furthermore of the lovely countryside, you need to visit the big cities. On the mainland attractive is the city of Aarhus with its channels and the Latin Quarter. This university city, the second largest, offers a wonderful spectacle of open-air museum, the castle Marselisborg. In September, the city is transformed into a musical and theatrical stage, also the festival of the Vikings, with wandering jugglers, archery and tasting traditional dishes.

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