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Norway is disposed in the far north of Europe and has a predominantly mountainous landscape with short and fast-flowing rivers. The central zone, placed above 2,000 meters, is covered with glaciers. There is a mild climate due to the Gulf Stream. The earliest traces of civilization are dated 8000 BC, which is confirmed by rock paintings, but only in 700 the Vikings colonized the territory. Oslo, the metropolis of Norway, was constructed near the fjord and encircled by woods and green hills.

The west littoral of Norway is rich of glaciers and fjords. Here you can admire spectacular waterfalls and scenic spots with small medieval churches, allowing you to enjoy nature and the tranquility of places. Having at your disposal car rented in Norway, you can visit also the traditional villages and enjoy the closeness to nature.

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Upon completion of the booking process, you can carry out the payment for the services in accordance of your choice, or by transfer or directly at our office when getting the vehicle.

Your reservation will be confirmed immediately or few hours after the completion of the reservation.

Fot the receiption of auto do not lose sight of the presence of the passport, international driver’s license as well is desirable the presence of reservation voucher.

You do not need to worry about the question of the organization of insurance, as mandatory car insurance, and also all taxes are already comprised in price.

If you have plans for continued travel to a neighboring country, you should know that on our vehicles may cross the border of another country and return the car in one of our offices along the way of your route.

Optional accessories, what are the GPS navigator, a luggage cart, ski racks, security chain and another, can be selected at the site, and in our office.

Also for long journeys and traveling with a group of people, you can specify the additional driver, which have to be present in person at registration of the lease contract.

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The populace of Norway is not more than 4.6 million people and here is the lowest population density in Europe due to the harsh climatic conditions. Most of Norwegians are descendants of the Vikings, but there are also immigrants from various countries.

The major part of Norwegians are adherents of the Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Despite the Union and close ties with Denmark, Norway has always preserved its own culture, which is well represented in numerous galleries and museums over the country. During national holidays and special occasions, the Norwegians are proud to wear the traditional costumes.

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