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The car hiring company in Belarus – Naniko offers car hire in Belarus.

Rent a car in Belarus – popular service. When you arrive in a strange country for  traveling or for business and private auto is not approachable and you need to utilize the personal means of transportation – rental cars is the consummate answer to this trouble. Thus, you can preserve independent movement without limited mileage.

Impeccable service, 24 hour technical support, sensible prices, which are appropriate to the budget of any customer.  The company offers cars, as with a personal driver or without driver.

When you are renting a car from our company, you can take the car anywhere in the country, in every city and in every airport. It is also possible to return a car anywhere you want.

If you come to Belarus for traveling, do not forget about the additional options. All accessories are at your disposal: GPS Navigator, baby booster seats, bicycle holders, luggage baskets, USB MP3 adapter and USB adapter.

You can be the participant of the program of discounts, promotions and special events. Its program is valid not only for regular customers, but also for ordinary clients. We care about every customer and will do everything, that driving will be impeccably comfortable and convenient.

Belarus is situated in the Eastern part of Europe. The country has no access to the sea, but there are many lakes and rivers on its territory. It is а very attractive area for tourism. There are many: attractions, fascinating natural landscapes, ancient architectural monuments.

Interesting places to visit:

Bialowieza Forest – one of the famous sanctuaries across Europe. This place is renowned with its rich flora and fauna. This place is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Brest Fortress, this monument refers to the events of World War II. In this fortress is functioning very interesting museum of Brest Fortress.

Buinichi field is also a memorial place of the Second World War. Narochansky National Park – a great place for fishing, hunting, riding. Here you can find the largest lake of the country – Narač, the island with the remains of the ancient city fortifications and even the Church of the Holy Virgin Mary.

For lovers of folklore and ancient crafts, just 40 km from Minsk is a museum called Dudutki. You can grasp the meaning of folk customs and mystery of crafts.

You can take a car from our company and observe these spectacular places yourself.

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