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Car hire in Odessa. Best offers of rent a car by Naniko

The southern city of Ukraine, Odessa, is an important center of communication lines, both rail and road, not to mention the fact that it is a major trading port and a naval base. The town itself has a modern configuration with wide streets and large green areas. In Odessa is a fairly active cultural life and there are several universities, a conservatory, an art gallery, plenty of museums and libraries, as well as astronomical observatory. In antiquity Odessa was a Greek colony, and afterwards went through a dominion of the Mongols, Lithuanians, Poles and Turks.

A great way of free travel throughout the city when you’re not dependent on taxi or public transportation schedules, will be to rent a car in Odessa. Although driving in an unfamiliar place need more attention to the rules of the road, but from the other side if there is a car you can find very exclusive places which would not be available in other way.

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Delivery of your chosen car can be carried out at the airport, to the railway station, the hotel or wherever you wish.

The prices provided on our site already offered with comprised taxes and car insurance and will remain unchanged for you.

If your travel plans include complete relaxation and maximum rest, you can use the services of our trained drivers with perfect knowledge of foreign language and local routes.

In the spectrum of our fleet you can find any desired car from economical small cars, SUVs, minivans and luxury models.

How far would not be your route, you will not have to worry about the kilometers traveled, as we provide an unlimited mileage. And when unforeseen problems on the road, you can always count on prompt assistance from the company also for the replacement of car if necessary.

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Odessa has a very good location on the Black Sea coast and therefore this is a popular resort. The city received special development with the construction of the port and the laying of railway communications in the eighteenth century.

In Odessa, there are some places that are worth a visit. So, for example, the historic center of Odessa offers scenic views of the beautiful edifices in the neoclassical style, the Opera and Ballet building is created in the Rococo style. Very interesting quaint harbor on the littoral.

Another place of incredible beauty is the Palace of Prince Gagarin with an interior garden, where you can see numerous species of plants and a collection of sculptures.

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