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Car rental in France. Cheap offers of rent a car from Naniko

France is amongst that several countries that is arduous to describe in a few sentences, but you just pronounce its name as immediately one imagine the personages of the rich history, the incomparable natural beauty and elegant artistical creations. Each province of France is unique in its nature and offers interesting cultural activities, a warm welcome and a rich and colorful cuisine. Sun lovers will find here beautiful beaches and have the exquisite vacation on the French Riviera, meantime, the fans of mountain walks can enjoy plenty of areas in the north-east of the country, rich in hills and mountains.

The country is famous worldwide for its incomparable wines. Here everywhere it offered many interesting in terms of culture and art, which can easily be achieved by having a car rented in France. By car you can travel around the most favorite places and various attractions. Low cost of rent from Naniko further exacerbate the sense of your dream vacation.

The company Naniko will provide you with economical rates and the best service of car hire in France for your weekend!

The proposed rates include the following services:
The basic package of comprehensive insurance;
Unlimited mileage, which allows not to worry about the kilometers traveled;
Road assistance in emergency situations and, if necessary, replacement of the vehicle.
24-Hour availability of the service center and consultations from our operators.

All prices are include the VAT and local taxes.

In the event that you need to do some modification or cancellation of the order, try to do it for free for two days before the starting of the lease term.

Booking your car can be done through our website or by contacting by phone with our operators. Voucher of reservations with detailed information will be transmitted by e-mail or fax.

Our fleet disposes a variety of classes and models of vehicles, classified by size, capacity or fuel and gear box.

One rental day is considered 24 hours and starts at the moment of car receiving. Rent can be carried out for any period from one day. We also offer a package of long-term lease or variation for corporate clients.

Discover the country in the best possible manner with elegance on vehicle hired in France from Naniko!

Arrange your trip in France on the one hand is difficult, because the wish list of places to visit just might be never-ending, and on the other hand easy because wherever you go everywhere there is something unique that characterizes this magnificent country.

In addition to the capital with its grandiose Louvre and the Champs fields, which certainly everyone would like to visit, you can go by car in Nantes and Rouen.

A very exciting trip to Champagne, with the charming scenery of vineyards, which are located along the road between Epernay and Cezanne. Along the way, you can also see the stunning views of snow-capped Alps, and the Pyrenees.

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