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Tel Aviv, the first modern city built in Israel, also famous as the city that never stops, and there's a reason. Economic and cultural center, Tel Aviv is a dynamic and active city, with a lot of monuments of art, culture, and history, as well as entertainment centers.

Located on a strip of 14 kilometers in the Mediterranean, Tel Aviv extends beyond the Yarkon River in the north and the Ayalon River Spree in the east. Ideal to visit by car rented. Founded over 3,000 years ago with the name of Jaffa, the ancient city continues to support modern Tel Aviv.

Main attractions.

  • Archaeological Museum
  • Jaffa port
  • Church of San Pietro
  • Museum of the Diaspora
  • park HaYarko

Established in the Ottoman period, Jaffa, with its narrow streets and stone houses, is the residence of the masters of creativity and a center of tourism.  Visit Gan Ha-Pisgah, garden with galleries, shops and restaurants, you will surrounded by a unique atmosphere. The church of St. Peter's of the 17th century is located in Jaffa. Also interesting to visit the flea market is always busy, as well as district of Ajami. Enjoy a walk along the walls of the ancient city and the waterfront. Visit the old port before returning to the central square of Tel Aviv.

In Jaffa there are 11 churches, monasteries and mosques in addition to, as well as the Franciscan Monastery and Church of San Pietro. Tel Aviv is famous for its architectural style, influenced by many different schools of thought. In the heart of Tel Aviv is' White City, where the largest group of edificies in the Bauhaus style in the world, UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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