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Moldova, traveling through country

For nowadays Moldova is an independent country since 1991, and called Republic of Moldova. It counts approximately 3.6 million inhabitants and has the borders with Romania and Ukraine.

The hills covered by dense forests and impressing by its tranquility valleys of Moldova, compete with the many touristic places of Europe, attracting by the richness of folk, natural beauties and gastronomical specialties.

  • Capital city

Located in the center of region named Bessarabia, capital city Kishinev, was developed in the course of the river Bis, and for nowadays counts population about 752.000 inhabitants and divided in 5 urban regions spread on 120 kilometers of the space.  

  • What you have to know, places for visit

Milestii Mici vinery is the biggest vinery complex in the Europe, certified by Guinness. It’s situated in 25 kilometers southern from Kishinev. There are organized visits and tours for tourists with vine degustation and dinner on the very impressing space 60 meters underground.

  • The Old Orhei is the most picturesque place of Moldova.

Nearby the township Orhei, about in 45 kilometers southern of Kishinev is spread the open area archeological museum complex Old Orhei. And the most interesting sites are located near villages Butuceni e Trebujeni.

Petroglyph Monastery, hewed in the tuffs of the hills, spread along the river Reut River, gives amazing views.

The small lakes in nearby distance from each other are inserted in the green landscapes.

Petroglyph monastery Tipova, in the region of Rezina is placed in the downstream of the river Nistru, about 110 km northern of the capital.

In 1827 in the Purkari was established first organized production of wine, called Hermanson, after its German founder of Russian origin. From that moment Purcari became a very popular place and attracted other foreigners: Frenchmen, with their sorts of vine, Germans and Russians. Afterwards, in XIX century prince Golitsin and graph Vorontsov, controlled the production in the zone and realized an inspirational idea to substitute the part of foreign sorts of vine with a quite low gradation of alcohol with another varieties of vine from the western Europe, in particular with such sorts as   Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Malbes , Pinot with high affectivity.

The vinery is open for visiting from Monday to Friday and furthermore together with degustation of wine there could be arranged a dinner in the fairy environment of the castle.

So, do not lose the opportunity to cross over the amazing sites of Moldova with comfort provided by Car rental Company Naniko.

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