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Car rental at the airport of Tel Aviv from Naniko

Tourists, who prefer to travel to Israel for driving a private car, can do this with a rental car at the airport in Tel Aviv. In addition to buses, taxis and minibuses, car hire is considered the most appropriate way to travel throughout Israel.

The company Naniko provides in Tel Aviv airport high class services and affordable prices for vehicle hiring.

Arrange without delay your car rental at the Airport of Tel Aviv from the company Naniko

Using our comfortable service, you get the advantage to explore the city in accordance with your personal route.

Those who arriving at the airport Ben Gurion of Tel Aviv has several options to get to Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. The same options apply to return to the airport, even from other Israeli cities.

  • Bus

To reach the airport from the Central Bus Station in, you must take one of the two lines 947 or 945 from platform number 18 of the Central Station.

Bus is the cheapest option, and the trip takes about one and a half hours.

  • Train

In case if you need to get to the airport by train, you have to take the train from the train station to the south of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, and then from there to get on the train to the airport. We do not recommend this option because it takes a long time.

  • Taxi

Another option is a taxi movement, but as usual, it does not do cheap.

Airport in Tel Aviv is ideal for both Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, because with the help of car hire is very easy to visit these cities.

Both of these cities are of rich history, and it shown in their monuments and museums. While in Tel Aviv, and attractions that tourists should not miss are Museum of Jewish Diaspora and White City in Jerusalem, exploring the old city of Jerusalem and the Western Wall. These historic sites make tourists an idea and understanding of the symbolism of the reference points of Israeli religion and culture.

Start your journey comfortably upon arrival at the airport in Tel Aviv.

Take the most guaranteed way to get around right now and get rent a car at the airport of Tel Aviv  from Naniko without stress on arrival!


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