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Georgia- Country of amber grape

Georgia – a country which is located in the western Caucasus, on the Black Sea. Bordered on the north by the Russian Federation, on the south by Turkey and Armenia, on the southeast by Azerbaijan.

This country of ancient history and culture. Its folklore, unique natural landscapes impress travelers. Here you can find everything and snowy mountain peaks and sandy beaches of the Black Sea and hospitable people and delicious food and wine with a long history.

Georgia is divided into several regions. Each region is different: nature, culture, smashing.

On the territory of modern Georgia in XII – XIII centuries existed a famous kingdom of Colchis, which is connected with the legend and the myth of the Argonauts and Medea. Colchis kingdom played a major role in the formation of the Georgian nation and Georgian feudal state.

If you are a lover of landmarks and ancient culture and history, choose for your travelling – Georgia. This country is for you! Every corner of the country includes  interesting stories and has unique monuments.

Georgia is divided into several regions. Each region is different by nature, culture, mode of life. Basically divided into two main parts, western and eastern Georgia.

The most interesting places to visit:

Kakheti region – this – the so-called wine region, here you'll find a huge number of wineries (some of which dates back several centuries) and wine factories. Kakhetian wine exported to many countries. The most famous wines: Kindzmarauli, Rkatsiteli Saperavi Hvanchkara.  Traditions of the making of georgian wine dates back in the deep past.

Besides wineries in Kakheti, you can explore the architectural masterpieces.

David Gareji – monastery complex, which is carved into the rocks. This complex was founded by Syrian monk – David in the sixth century.

Monasteries – Bodbe, Shuamta, Nekresi, Ikalto.

Cathedrals – Grammy, Alaverdi.

Imereti region – the most visited places – monasteries: Gelati and Motsameta, Bagrat Cathedral in Kutaisi. In the city today is located the country's parliament.

Svaneti – a region with  unique natural landscapes. Here lies the village – Ushguli highest populated place in Europe. In Svaneti you can explore the ancient Svan house, which are presented in the form of towers.

Adjara region – The most beautiful and attractive city in the region – Batumi. City with green gardens, sandy beaches and excellent boulevard and unique architectural masterpieces. This region is rich in sea resorts: Ureki, Kobuleti, Grigoleti Kvariati, Gonio Sarpi.

In the southern part of Georgia you can discover the world famous mineral spring – Borjomi. For a rest at this resort come people from many countries. Not far from the city is green monastery. The most famous places to visit are:

Vardzia – city carved into the rocks, founded in the twelfth century by Queen Tamar.

Rabat – complex, where you can find: the Christian church, Islamic mosque and the Jewish synagogue.

Mtskheta – the ancient city, including in the list of the  World Heritage – UNESCO. In the cathedral of Mtskheta buried robe Sepulchre. Monasteries: Djvari and Samtavro.

Tbilisi, the capital of the country. In the old part of the city are the main attractions, which have no analogues all over the world.

Coming to this unique country, you should definitely visit the Georgian tableful. You will hear the original Georgian toast of toastmaster.

It does not matter what time of year to visit arrive in Georgia, you will always be welcomed here with an open mind. Nature, culture and architectural monuments guarantees you unforgettable memories and impressions.