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Thailand – travel around the island, among beaches and historical places

All that you can expect from a great trip, whether it is sea vacation, studying history, culture or traditions, you can get during your stay in Thailand at one hundred percent. In all likelihood, the trip here cannot leave anyone indifferent. To date, Thailand is among the most popular tourist destinations in the world, although many tourists concentrate on certain regions, losing sight of other interesting places.

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Taiwan – travel among its islands

Known with an official name like the Republic of China, Taiwan is a democratic state, which includes several islands, the largest amongst which is the isle of Taiwan. The populace is about 23 million people, approximately 2,6 million of which live in the capital of Taipei. Washed by the Pacific Ocean from the east, the territory of the Republic is crossed by the mount ridge of Taiwan Shan. The highest peak, reaching almost 4000 meters is Yushan.

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Sri Lanka (Ceylon) – travel to the island – the pearl of the East

Even in ancient Greek, Egyptian and Indian literature, Sri Lanka was mentioned under such names as Taprobane, Serendib and Lanka. From the moment your arrival on the island you can feel the aura of mystery surrounding it. Surrounded by thick warm air, the island meets you with its lush vegetation, winding Sinhalese alphabet, which is everywhere, colorful prayer flags and a kaleidoscope of colors, fruits, jewelry and spices displayed on the shelves of markets.

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South Korea – a journey towards the discovery of an unfamiliar world

Located in the southern part of the Korean Peninsula, spread over more than 1000 kilometers of the Asian continent, South Korea is a multi-faceted country and, undoubtedly, an interesting tourist destination. In the eastern part of the country are concentrated mountains, from the west it is washed by the waters of the Yellow Sea, from the south – by the Sea of ​​Japan and in the north it borders on North Korea. The country has developed modern and high-tech infrastructure, although undoubtedly much attention is paid to traditions. Thinking about what to see in South Korea, the only dilemma can be a huge choice, and having decided to visit this country, you will certainly be able to enrich your knowledge about the culture and diversity of the world.

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Singapore – a voyage to the Asian paradise

Disposed on islands in South-East Asia and separated from the Malacca Peninsula by the narrow Johor Strait, the Republic of Singapore represents the city-state as a union, bordering the Sultanate of Johor, part of Malaysia, and the Riau Islands, which are part of Indonesia. The name of the city has its origin from the symbiosis of the Malay “Singa”, that is the lion, and the Sanskrit pura – the city.

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Philippines – a journey among rice fields and chocolate hills

Choosing a place for the next trip, we can always find information about the general data of a country. But what attracts us to a certain destination is not territorial data, expressed in numbers, but specific entertaining facts, original and unique phenomena or features inherent and characteristic for this place.
So let’s see what could be the reason for choosing an exciting trip for the Philippines.

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Pakistan – a trip to the finding of the great Islamic Republic

In order to qualitatively organize a trip to Pakistan, you will need time, because this Asian country is quite large and has many interesting places worth visiting. In addition, the populace of the country is extremely large, numbering more than two hundred million people, which ranks Pakistan in sixth place in the world.

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North Korea – a trip to the most isolated country in the world

It should be said that traveling to North Korea is not available to everyone, since this country is practically inaccessible in many aspects. But, if such an opportunity has fallen and you meet the specific conditions for visiting this country, then it should not be lost.

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Journey to the discovery of Nepal

Nepal has always been a mysterious place, attracting tourists and travelers, also scientists and people in search of spirituality. Surrounded by India and China, from which it is separated by the majestic Himalayas mountain system, Nepal is the birthplace of the Buddha and the land that inspires peace and spirituality.
Here you will find stunning landscapes, ancient temples, history and traditions. Although economically Nepal is a poor country, but in terms of attractions there are innumerable riches.

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Mongolia – a country of nomadic people and amazing landscapes

Passion for travel is inherent for many and each characterizes in different ways. Among the various places to visit in the world, Mongolia can be called a mysterious place with a rich history, which is worth discovering in all its glory. Mongolia is disposed in Central Asia, betwixt China and Russia, and is the second largest country in the world. With a large territory, Mongolia, however, has a fairly low population density. The predominant part of the populace is concentrated in the capital of Ulan Bator and its suburbs, while the rest of the nation have a nomadic way of life.

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