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Symbol of Armenia – the sacred Mount Ararat, once the former active volcano.

Yerevan is the capital-city, the center of Armenian culture. In modern Yerevan is a building boom now and population is increasing day-to-day. Numerous historical monuments of Yerevan, Institute of Ancient Manuscripts “Matenadaran” where keeping the books starting from the IX., attracts many tourists.

Zvartnots International Airport has just put into operation the new terminal daily receive and departure a huge number of passengers arriving on business, travel or just to visit relatives.

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Today, Yerevan is changing day by day and becoming a modern European capital with national characteristics. Construction in the capital increases to serious scale. The newly built North Avenue -Pedestrian Street of the capital, also created in many foreign embassies and offices of international brands. Yerevan acquires special political, economic and cultural importance, both as in the country and far beyond the borders of the Republic of Armenia.

An important symbol of the city is the Mother Armenia – a strong and proud, towering over the city in the Victory Park! Inside the monument is a war museum of military glory.

The capitals’ most beautiful place is a cascade, which is a system of stepped transitions, fountains and flower beds, crossing slopes KANAKER hills. Stairs and escalators will bring you to the main observation deck of the city. The height difference from the first to the last stage of the escalator – 100 m length structure as a whole is 500 meters. Inside the cascade are movie theaters, exhibition halls, art galleries, concert halls for events. This is truly one of the most impressing sites in the capital! On the left side of the stage is a museum of the world famous chansonnier Charles Aznavour.

In the city center located sculpture of a miracle cat, which brings good luck. They say you just need to stand near it and cat brings you happiness! This is like Northern Europe people’s tradition of touching the chimney’s sweep button and making a sacred wish.

New Northern Avenue is a kind of Yerevan Arbat! The most fashionable restaurant on North Avenue is Old Erivan. Armenian cousin in Asia is considered as one of the most ancient. Interestingly, the Armenian dishes retained their particular to our time. Local dishes will impress with its variety, exquisite taste and rare spices, unique to this region. Armenian dolma, bozbash, sudzhuk, basturma, hash, Dessert with nut fillings, called baklava.

All listed attractions you should see, taste and try by yourselves.

Our city is pleased to you host you and looking forward to your visit in order to discover the sights and local flavor. You will certainly make new friends and later will have awish to go back to the city again and again. Take the Rent a car in Yerevan from Naniko, get a guaranteed and proven transport of European class and enjoy Yerevan and its beauty!