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Newfoundland and Labrador – a trip to the Canadian province on the Atlantic coast

The Canadian province, which is believed to have the first European settlers, disposed in the extreme north-east of the country, on the Atlantic coast, includes the island of Newfoundland and Labrador. From the point of view of geology, an amazing history can be traced here, as the rocks have been preserved for several historical periods. Here is also the peninsula Avalon, the most densely populated and rich in nature parks. Just the name of province already inspires an irresistible desire to visit it!

The capital of the region is St. John, which is a true highlight of the whole province, a charming city with beautiful architecture and picturesque landscapes.
Almost untouched nature, miles of wild coast and beautiful cities; These and many other features of Newfoundland are attractive for tourism and especially for those who are looking for an eco-vacation in close contact with nature.
St. John’s is also the largest and most densely populated city of the province, placed in a pretty place on the southern tip of the island. Historians agree that this is the oldest settlement in North America, where the first English colony was formed.

The city center is surrounded by stairs, alleys and winding streets, which branching off from the terraces, lead to the coast. There are many reasons for visiting this city, because here you can visit the Museum of Newfoundland, which presents the history of the province for centuries, also in the vicinity of the East End and Signal Hill, in addition to city attractions, disposed the big Pippy Park.

Discover the amazing territory of Canada when traveling to the province of Newfoundland!

In the vicinity of the capital, crashing into the sea, the Avalon peninsula is located, which actually looks more like an island, because it is connected with the rest of the province by only a thin strip of land. As already noted, this densely populated area of ​​Newfoundland is very rich in parks and natural areas, which are ideal for camping. Near the cape of St. Mary you can observe the colony of seabirds.

Also not less exciting is the peninsula of Burin, offering many unique natural scenarios, areas dotted with sparkling lakes, and in the southern part covered by marshes.
In addition to Avalon and Burin, there is another Bonavista peninsula, which runs along the ocean, among rocks, coves and small villages.
Among the charming villages of Newfoundland is Trinity, especially popular among tourists with its colorful buildings of the nineteenth century, the azure waters of the same name bay and numerous local souvenir shops. Here also there is a museum, containing more than 2000 artifacts, telling about the past of the city.

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