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Prince Edward Island is a small romantic place and province of Canada

A small paradise, more known for cruise routes, Prince Edward Island is a small island that is amongst of the three Maritime regions of Canada along with New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Simultaneously, it is the smallest province of Canada. The island is placed in the Gulf of St. Lawrence and occupies a wide section of the Atlantic Ocean, with about 140,000 inhabitants on its territory, which extends to 6000 km².

The beaches of the island stretch for 850 km, the best of which are concentrated on the north coast, where the Prince Edward Island National Park is also located.

In addition to beaches and coves, the island is distinguished with a hilly landscape and is coupled to the mainland, in particular, to the province of New Brunswick by the bridge of the Confederation. Here once lived the tribes of the Mikmak, and in 1543 the island was discovered by Jacques Cartier.

The metropolis of the island is Charlottetown, a crescent shaped, which is f part of the largest urban area, together with the cities of Cornwall and Stratford. In Charlottetown, where the population is about 30 thousand inhabitants, you can find many cozy hotels and restaurants. Province House, founded in 1864, is an interesting three-story building in the neo-classical style that was designed by Isaac Smith in 1847. The historical district of the city is also enriched by other buildings in bright colors that emphasize the colonial architecture, drowning among beautiful gardens and shady avenues on the waterfront.

Take a trip to the most beautiful islands in the world – in the Canadian province of Prince Edward Island!

The province is widely in demand as a destination for international tourism and it is known that more than a million tourists come here every year.

The variety of annual festivals is also an excellent occasion to visit this heavenly place on earth. For example, such as the International Clam Festival, held in September, is becoming more and more popular, during which you can enjoy Celtic music, mussels, oysters and lobster soup.

Of course, visitors of Prince Edward Island can find these delicacies in every menu in North America, but it’s better to try them right at the source!

Wharf Peak is placed on the waterfront, where traders will offer you a variety of products, and you will have the opportunity to pamper yourself with delicious coffee at Victoria Row, in the historic part of the city, while enjoying the way street performers presenting their unique show of their kind .

In a word, visiting this Canadian province will give you the opportunity to enjoy the countryside scenery with a view of the sea, red rocks, sand dunes and magnificent beaches, also the life at a slow and relaxed pace.

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