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Car rental and additional services in Armenia without the hassle. Make the right choice and travel safely with Naniko

The international provider of car rent the company Naniko offers you, besides a wide spectrum of best tariffs available for your auto rental in Armenia also additional services for a carefree trip. You can choose from our various service packages more suitable for you and also indicate that you need additional options or services, other than those already included in the rental cost. Quickly and easily implementing the reservation process, for any additional information you can contact our operators both online and at the time of the vehicle pickup.

Discover the broad range of accessories and additional services for rent a cars in Armenia from Naniko!

Lets begin with already provided  in the tariffs all taxes and the cost of basic auto insurance. This level of protection from Naniko is a basic package, which provides the limitation of liability for damage, theft, attempted theft and fire.
To suggest more choice we have other insurance packages that you can choose if you want to. At all relevant details you can apply to our experts.

Comfort and safety of our customers is one of the essential and most important tasks of our work, that’s why we provide choices of device with which you can ensure yourself and your companions with additional degree of protection and convenience.
You can always count on the fact that moving on unfamiliar terrain, you will find the right way with our satellite navigation systems, will arrive at your destination in blink of an eye, without firing a single wrong turn and saving time and money.

Traveling with fellow travelers, you can share the pleasure of driving with the others by choosing the option of additional driver. Thus, everyone will get a good rest and a chance to enjoy the sceneries.
Particular attention is required when you have on board the children. By selecting the most suitable for the weight and height of your child a car seat, you can in complete tranquility start the way!

How to avoid troubles with the fuel issue when you return the car? No problem! You just need to initially choose the right option for you with an empty or full tank and all subsequent would be adjusted in accordance with this condition. For example, if it is the version of full – empty, you will get a car with a full tank and can easily return it with empty one, paying in our office the cost of the fuel reservoir.

Do not forget to find out more details about the additional services for vehicle rental in Armenia from Naniko!

In our vehicles you travel safely in any weather, in the snow and ice, using winter accessories such as ski racks, snow chains, and more.