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Find the best offers for car rental in short term in Armenia from Naniko

For a particular style of travel you have projected, it is always better to choose the car rent package that best meets all your needs. And such an opportunity is provided to you by Naniko, which has all the variety of service packages, which include short-term auto rental in Armenia. This proposal is mainly focused on individuals, professionals and companies who wish to use the services for a specified short period of time, ranging from one day to 30 days, in which the given the opportunity of extension, i.e., there are no time limits.

Choosing this kind of lease, you can count on the immediate availability of the vehicle, on the speed and punctuality of delivery and reception of the rented car.

Get more information about the short-term auto rent in Armenia through the website of the company Naniko!

In order to carry out this mode of lease, you need to provide a valid personal documents, namely, driver’s license, passport and credit card.

All the details you can easily find on the relevant page of the web-page or by contacting our operators and specialists.

Staff of Naniko is fully prepared to help their clients in choosing the right car, also providing cars for the reception at the place where you are most comfortable.

Often, company, individual or freelancers need a vehicle with specific characteristics for temporary use. To this end, we offer a wide and varied range of vehicles, from small and fuel-efficient cars and to luxury models, are also available roomy minivans or reliable SUVs and more.

Avoiding the call centers, but only in direct contact with our advisors who will listen to your needs, you can get the preferred result and offers of most suitable car.

Here you can pick up any supplementary devices needed for greater comfort and safety, which are the navigators of different models, child seats, winter accessories and more.

With this service pack, our rates always include all taxes and auto insurance costs in the event of theft, fire and damage, also provided the millage without restrictions.

Make the right choice for your needs with the help of vehicle rental in the short term in Armenia by Naniko!

On you can make a reservation and try our services by renting a car for a short period at very minimal rates. Our services are available in many countries, major cities, airports and railway stations. Via our portal apart this can be found other packages that are available at any time, also the special offers and discounts available in different periods.