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Car rental in St. Petersburg, Russia and best deals from Naniko

Organize your unforgettable trip to St. Petersburg with the comfort offered by a auto rental company Naniko.

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St. Petersburg, Russia in the footsteps of the kings with car renting by Naniko.

City, with its aristocratic palaces, museums, theaters and restaurants, built by Peter the Great until today has retained its imperial charm. Petersburg is deservedly proud of its beauty, culture and the longest on the planet's night life.

The second largest city of Russia, St. Petersburg has multiplicity cultural attractions. Palace of the Romanov’s dynasty, named  Winter Palace or the Hermitage, which is not only a beautiful building from the architectural point of view, but also museum preserving the rare antique items and one of the biggest and oldest art collections. Discover every corner of the city in a hired car from Naniko in St. Petersburg.

Importance of the city founded by Peter the Great in 1703 was recognized by UNESCO. In a tour of the city, you cannot miss attractions such as the Russian Museum, Mikhailovsky Palace, Peter and Paul Fortress, the bridges across the Neva, the Ethnographic Museum and the Monastery of Alexander Nevsky. Tikhvin cemetery, a place where are buried many of the greatest masters of the art world, such as Tchaikovsky and Dostoyevsky.

Visit the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, where was assassinated Tsar Alexander II, as well as the Loft Project, a five-story cultural center that arranged modern art exhibitions, concerts, there is a hotel, a cozy café and a bookshop. Car rental in St. Petersburg for everyone from our company.

  • On Vasilevsky Island

Besides walking on the boat tour on the Neva River, you will have the opportunity to go on Vasilevsky Island, where there are such magnificent monuments as St. Andrew's Cathedral, the Museum of Contemporary Art and Erarta old building Stock Exchange St. Petersburg of nineteenth century.

  • Shopping and nightlife

St. Petersburg is definitely an attractive place for shoppers, who can enjoy plenty of shopping and strolling through Apraksin and Gostiny yard. On Nevsky Prospekt you will discover the shopping center Elysee, and Passage, considered as Russian Harrods.

By evening, we recommend do not miss the boat to dine at the restaurant in the city center and order the famous Russian pies (perojki), soup (borsh) and savory pancakes (blini).

After dinner, join in with the lively nightlife of the city, which is concentrated in places such as the Tower Pub, Hemingway bar or club Metro, one of the busiest places.

With a car hire from Naniko in St. Petersburg, nothing is unattainable for you!   

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