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Albania – a fascinating country of eagles

If we are able to forget whatever the media tell us and make this interesting trip to Albania, you can personally make sure that Shqiperi, as it is pronounced in the Albanian language, is one of the most interesting countries of the Adriatic Sea. Stepping away from the remnants of its recent past, the country has changed dramatically and is now fully open to mass tourism. Created a completely new infrastructure, improved roads and services, designed new facilities to accommodate travelers and much more, all in order to offer visitors a modern and comfortable stay.
Here you will meet a series of stunning beaches, majestic mountains, pristine villages on the hilltops, stunning sceneries and well-preserved archaeological sites, which together again confirm the commitment that Albania is ideal for any kind of tourism.

Travel in Albania and discover hidden gems and beautiful landscapes!

In Albania you can visit the many archaeological excavations, cultural and natural attractions scattered across the country, and most of them offered to organize tourist routes. Among them may be noted the archaeological park of the ancient Roman colony of Butrint, Apollonia, with ancient Greek remains, the city of Berat, known by the name of the city of thousands of windows, Blue Eye, which is an incredibly colorful Natural Area, Durres, with its Roman amphitheater, and, of course, the capital Tirana, which in recent decades has undergone a significant metamorphosis in the way of becoming a modern and vibrant city.

No one will be disappointed also by gorgeous beaches and resort areas in Albania, the most beautiful of which are located in the central and southern parts of the country, which can be conveniently reached by car rent in Albania, provided by the company Naniko. In this case, a mountain Logar of 1,100 meters of height plays the role of the watershed. In the northern part there are huge spaces and sandy and shallow beaches, which are protected by the mountains and towards the southern side, passing a series of headlands and wetlands opens a huge bay of Durazzo and the eponymous town, you can reach the area of the Golem – a popular place for tourists. There is a small sandy beach, equipped with many comfortable hotels, restaurants and clubs to suit every taste. It also is close to Peninsula National Park Karaburun-Sazan and the boat tours are available along its rugged coastline. Climbing the mountain of Logar, you will see the magnificent views of the surrounding area. Then after a pleasant descent, you can achieve a beautiful tourist resort of Dermi and relax in its white beaches with turquoise water. In short, whatever is your chosen direction to travel to Albania, everywhere there is plenty of interesting things that will not disappoint anyone.

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