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Belize – an amazing country of Central America

Belize is a country disposed between Mexico and Guatemala, in Central America, and despite its small size, it can offer an incredible number of interesting attractions, including the magnificent Mayan ruins, all from the jungle to the mountains. This is a truly undiscovered gem, where you can make adventurous trips and have a great holiday at its many resorts that fill the Caribbean coast.
The capital of the country is Belize City – a lively place where you can visit the excellent museums. Belize is also very popular in terms of ecotourism, because, offering many opportunities for amateurs.

Just two hours of driving from Belize City, you can visit the wildlife sanctuary Cockscomb Pool, created in 1984 to protect the population of jaguars and other wildlife. It is also the first in the world, the so-called “jaguar reserve”.
Belize is endowed with the distinctive characteristic of its landscape and is the second in the world for the length of its barrier reef, where there are places of immersion, the most spectacular of the Caribbean. The coast is protected by a 290 km long reef, and in the lagoon there are dozens of islands called “Kaye”.

Belize Barrier Reef System Reserve was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996. It includes seven incredibly impressive natural and marine reserves: the Reef Marine Reserve Glover, the Blue Hole Natural Monument, the Half Moon Caye Natural Monument, the Sapodilla Marine Reserve, the Bacalar Chico National Park and the Marine Reserve, Laughing Bird Caye National Park. In addition to a large variety of coral reefs, here you can see atolls, tiny islands, lagoons and beaches that you can only dream of. The most famous are the Ambergris Caye and Caye Kolker islands.

Enjoy an unforgettable vacation among palm trees, beaches and coral reefs when traveling to Belize!

For those who decide to travel to this beautiful small country, you need to know that Belize is a very hospitable country with a well-developed infrastructure, where travelers generally do not experience any problems. Thanks to the stability of democratic traditions and successful policies, the standard of living is constantly improving.
The territory of Belize is covered with lush vegetation, both on the coast and in the deep localities. A huge variety of plant species can be seen in the mountains, where there are also magnificent waterfalls that create truly wonderful landscapes.

This small country of Central America, in fact, is amongst the cradles of the Mayan civilization and here you can discover more than 600 sites, the most important of which is Caracol. Among them are the ruins of ancient temples, squares and cities, which had their glory in the distant past.