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Bhutan – a trip to a small mountain kingdom in Asia

Among the interesting tourist destinations Bhutan certainly takes not the last place. Wrapped in myths and hidden in the shadow of a massive mountain range, this small country is sandwiched between two such giants as China and India, and its population is about 650,000 inhabitants. Despite the isolation and remoteness of the region, Bhutan is very easy to visit, as there are no restrictions on access or the number of tourists who can come here. To date, the political system of the state is a monarchy, headed by King Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuk.

The official language is Dzongkha, but in recent years English has also spread, especially in the capital of Thimphu.
Bhutan is a mountainous country without access to the sea. The mountain range of the Himalayas, where there are several peaks exceeding 7000 meters, the dominant of which is Kankar-Ponsum of 7.570 meters, defines the northern border with China.
The history of Bhutan has come down to our days in a very fragmented form, based on several events, shrouded in mystery. As known, the beginning of the country’s history coincides with the period when the Tibetan King Songtsen Gaius ascended to the throne. Unlike of ancient history, the medieval and modern history is better documented and represents an era of wars, strife, the construction of huge castles and fortresses, periods of intrigue, betrayals and bloody battles.
Since the proclamation of the hereditary monarchy, in the twentieth century, modern history began to count. Political isolation had a deterrent effect on the modernization and improvement of everyday life in the country.
The capital of the country is Thimphu, the populace of which barely reaches 100 thousand inhabitants. The city has become the capital since 1961, and the characteristic sign of Thimphu is the sense of tradition, also the ubiquitous contrast between the old and the new. Here in the streets you can see monks in crimson guise, Indian workers or specialists, also tourists freely scurrying along uneven pavements and along streets with complete absence of traffic lights.
It is worth to enjoy the tranquility of Chhoe Dzong Trashi architecture, visit the colorful markets on weekends, visit the National Institute of Zorigli Chusum and the reserve of Motithang Takin.

Learn the mysterious history of the country with an entertaining trip to Bhutan!

Going beyond the limits of the capital, you will get the feeling that you are in a mythological world, which you read only in books or exists only in your imagination. Western Bhutan is a continuous series of valleys and charming forests, the valleys of Haa, Paro and Thimphu, surrounded by snow-capped mountains. Among the main attractions of the region are the breathtaking Dzong Paro, Wangd Pudrang and Punakha, as well as the famous ascent to Taktshang Goemba, where the Tiger Monastery is located at the very edge of the cliff.

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