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Bulgaria – a country of endless blue sea and high mountains

Without going too far from the center of Europe, you can choose for your trip completely new direction. Travel in Bulgaria, situated between the Balkans and the Black Sea is similar to a soothing visit to the area of Eastern Europe, where are also the shades of the mysteries of the East, where among the noble mountains and white beaches, hidden paths of ancient tales about nomads and traders, conquerors and ordinary peasants, stories hidden in hundreds of years of monasteries and in the heart of cosmopolitan cities and villages. Here the life flows through its own rhythms and stores the images of bygone eras.

Bulgaria is a place of exceptional beauty, where the nature has been so generous, that gave the country a myriad wealth of flora and fauna. Whether there are hills or valleys, mountains Rila and Rhodope Mountains or the sandy beaches of the Black Sea littoral, everywhere the visitors remain amazes by the diversity and beauty of Bulgaria. Here you can enjoy the hot summers and snowy winters, create the perfect combination of beach holidays and excursions to cultural and historical attractions, or immerse yourself in the study of the unique local folklore.

In short, here everyone will find entertainment to own interests.

Bulgaria is disposed in the eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula and has the area of about 111,000 square kilometers. The eastern part of the nation is washed by the Black Sea, thus the country has a long sandy beaches of 380 km, with crystal clear water, lots of holiday villages and campsites. The Black Sea coast in Bulgaria is constantly exposed to the improvement and development, attracting a huge number of fans of the sun and beach holiday from the whole world.

The main towns along the coast are Varna and Burgas, and both of them have international airports, providing quick access to the resort area.

Take an entertaining trip to Bulgaria and get a lot of pleasant impressions from the attractions of the country!

On the territory of Bulgaria there are four major mountain ranges, each of which is characterized by distinctive features of indigenous culture. The Stara Planina, at the center, and Rhodope, and in the south – Pirin and Rila are the sites of well-developed ski resorts.

If you intend to explore Bulgaria, the best solution is to arrive to Sofia and from there taking a car rent from a company Naniko, follow the interesting routes at your own pace. After a visit of Sofia, the places of greatest interest are Plovdiv, Nesebar, Varna and Rila Monastery.

The place of incomparable beauty is the Rose Valley, which stretches between Karlovo and Kazanlak. In the flowering period, from late May to early June there are traditional celebrations in honor of gathering the harvest of roses. Observing such an abundance of roses, it seems, and also confirmed by official sources, that this is the main raw materials for 85% of the world production of rose perfume.

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