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Costa Rica – a trip to a tropical paradise

Located in Central America, the Republic of Costa Rica is characterized by a tropical climate conducive to the development of lush flora and fauna, where you can enjoy the magnificent spectacle of a variety of species of orchids. The official language of the country is Spanish, but English is also widely used. Costa Rica is called “the happiest country in the world”, where you can see many attractions, incomparable to anything else, from the splendor of which are breathtaking. In short, there are so many places to visit in Costa Rica that you can only choose for every taste.

Without doubt, the most attractive and charming place to visit is the Arenal volcano, where you can get the great ​​impressions. It is disposed northeast of the capital of Costa Rica, San Jose, and is considered the most active. Thanks to the multiplicity of eruptions affecting the quality of the soil, you can see and admire the colorful vegetation here. The volcano is surrounded by a national park, where there are also hot sulfur baths, offering a unique opportunity to relax, enjoying the incomparable landscape. Particularly impressive is the observation at night of eruptions that color the dark mantle of the sky in fiery tones. The Arenal Volcano National Park protects the same named volcano, which is one of the 10 most active volcanoes in the world. The park also covers 16 reserves and dozens of truly unique ecological zones, where you can admire the incredible biodiversity of Costa Rica. Here you can see the active cone with streams of lava and ash columns. The width of the crater of Arenal is 140 meters, and being frozen for centuries, only in 1968 there was a catastrophic eruption. The last time a major eruption was in 1998.

Enjoy the unique landscape of the tropics while traveling to Costa Rica!

Nature lovers and hikers will not miss the chance to visit Rio Celeste. In this national park there is a waterfall where water, because of the play of light, acquires an incomparable turquoise hue. Here you can enjoy untouched wildlife.

Meanwhile, art lovers will be able to enjoy the visit of museums in the capital of San Jose, among which the National Museum of Costa Rica stands out. In the museum you can visit several sections devoted to the history and customs of the state.
The noisy Central Market of San Jose, which was founded in 1880, deserves to be visited. Here you can feel the true taste of the local atmosphere! There are more than 200 kiosks on the market, where you can buy anything from souvenirs, cowboy boots and up crafts works. In the market you can find cozy bars for rest.