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Germany – a country of many faces and great opportunities

Germany is a country of charming castles and ancient towns, romantic villages and quiet rivers, exciting traditional festivals and good food, as well as the state with the effectively-organized structures and a well-developed tourism. This beautiful country is located in the heart of Europe, rich in history and culture, looks back on a difficult past, and is inhabited by very friendly people.
When planning your trip to Germany, you will certainly have to include in the itinerary a visit of the romantic Bavarian castles and picturesque villages or in the Eastern zone, Thuringia region, and the cradle of art the cities of Saxony.

Bavaria, being the largest region of Germany, surprises with its unique beauty, the breathtaking sceneries of the Danube, almost fairy-tale castles and, of course, its capital Munich. There are also historical cities of Nuremberg and Augsburg and the beautiful towns of Bamberg, Regensburg and Würzburg with the ancient and picturesque roads.
Many do not miss the chance to visit the unique Oktoberfest beer festival in Munich and taste typical gastronomic specialties and regional dishes.
Region of Baden-Württemberg, disposed in the southwest of Germany, is an ancient land, rich in traditions and legends, especially of the Black Forest. The centre of region is Stuttgart and among the major cities can be noted also Heidelberg, Karlsruhe and Freiburg. An interesting fact is that Baden-Württemberg is known and widely appreciated for its quality white wines.

Learn more about the specifics of the various regions during your trip to Germany!

Despite the fact that Germany is a vast country, covering an area of more than 350 thousand square kilometers, you can get the incomparable pleasure of a trip, if you will travel by car rental from Naniko and can create your own routes, stopping wherever you like.
It should be noted that many cities have suffered greatly during the Second World War, but happily revived and updated in the coming decades. So, for example, the capital of Hesse, Frankfurt is known as the economic center of Germany, a symbol of modernity and progress, but also perfectly preserved its medieval traditions.
Meanwhile, if you head in the direction of Rheinland-Pfalz, you will see the vast valleys, covered with vineyards, where produced excellent fruity wines, well-known for its quality worldwide.
One of the most beautiful routes in Germany is a trip along the Rhine valley, where you can tirelessly enjoy a series of beautiful landscapes between Mainz and Koblenz, in the picturesque valley of the River Moselle.

Of course, many will not miss a chance to visit Berlin, containing the testimonials of past ideologies and cultures. As the capital of a united Germany, Berlin offers visitors more than 170 museums, 300 art galleries, 150 theaters and actively developing the artistic and cultural dynamism.

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