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Greenland – the tour to the opening of the largest island in the world

Despite the etymology of the name, which literally means “green earth”, speaking of the isle of Greenland, to the minds invariably come images of vast and endless expanses, wrapped in the mantle of snow and ice.

This amazing and remote island is able to offer a lot of interesting sights.

First of all, as probably many people know, Greenland is assigned the role of the largest island on the Earth. Although, from the geographical point of view, the island is part of the American continent, politically and administratively it has been part of Denmark since 1953 and, accordingly, is an European country. Located between Canada and Iceland, in the northern extremity of the Atlantic Ocean, Greenland has two international airports in Kangerlussuaq and Narsarsuke, which are connected with the Danish capital of Copenhagen and the Icelandic capital of Reykjavik.

The island’s economy is based on fishing, while exporting large quantities of fish and, in particular, shrimp. In the last period, deposits of minerals and hydrocarbons have also been discovered, which in the future can give a significant impetus to the development of the local economy. An important area is tourism, which is in the process of improvement, although the tourist season is limited to short-term summer season.

If you wish to make an amazing voyage to such a remote corner of the world, of course, you will choose the summer season, although the winter period presents a unique opportunity to observe the spectacular show of the Northern Lights. It is among the most impressive phenomena created by nature.

Enjoy the observation of the unique natural phenomena of the North when traveling to the island of Greenland!

It is best to observe the northern lights in Kangerlussuaq, especially in March. With a certain degree of luck, if you are blessed with good weather and clean skies, you will be able to see in all its glory this delightful show of nature.

Here, in the period from January to February, there are celebrations in honor of the end of the polar night, and in March the International Ice Sculpture Festival is held in the capital of the Nuuk region.

Meanwhile, on the fjord of Uummannaq you can witness a unique event, which is hardly possible to see in other parts of the world, is the championship of Ice Golf World. As known, this sport is popular not only among the islanders, but also among many tourists practicing it in various fields.

Among the popular attractions is certainly worth noting the Russell Glacier, which, by assumption, is a relic of the glacial period. It is disposed about twenty-five kilometers from Kangerlussuake.

Climate change and the trend of global warming have their visible effect in Greenland, and although the ice here still covers 80% of the island’s territory, it should be noted that winters are extremely cold, but spring and summer can be quite warm.